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Study Skills, Counseling, and Library Courses
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Study Skills, Counseling, and Library Courses

College of Marin offers a variety of courses designed to help students develop and refine study skills, research techniques, and career planning. Consider taking some of the courses in the following areas to insure your success in college.

To determine which courses might best support your success, make an appointment to see a counselor:

  • General Counseling, SS212. Tel: (415) 485-9432
  • Disabled Students Program, DS101. Tel: (415) 485-9406

Help with improving Computer Skills

  • CIS 116 – An introduction to personal computers and their operating systems.
  • BOS 44, 120– Self-paced computer keyboarding classes to build skill and speed. Check with the Lab instructors for placement.

Help with learning English as a Second Language

  • Courses are offered at all skill levels. Take a placement test to determine where to start and speak with the ESL office for dates and information. 485-9642, HC124

Help finishing your High School Education (degree)

  • A self-paced non-credit class, which prepares you to complete your GED. 485-9445, LC120

Help with Math

  • Most review math courses are taught both in a classroom and a self-paced lab format, including basic math & algebra.
  • MATH 25 – A half unit course designed to help you deal with fears around math.
  • MATH 95 – A 2 unit class to review math basics such as fractions, decimals, square roots and percents.
  • ENG 12 – A 1 unit class to help with reading and thinking in math.
Help with Reading and Writing
  • Eng 10-18 – One-unit classes to review specific skills such as punctuation, sentence structure and reading college textbooks.
  • ENG 70-97 – Self-paced courses taught in the English lab to review grammar, vocabulary, and spelling, reading comprehension.
  • ENG 62-120 – Take an English placement test to see which of these writing and reading classes are the correct level for you. ENG 120 is the required course for graduation for many College of Marin degrees.

Help with Science

  • BIO 99/GEO 99– This course covers basic scientific principles and concepts of both physical and life sciences to prepare for success in other college level science courses.

Help with Study Skills

  • LIB 110 & 115– These self-paced courses teach basic skills needed for library research required in many college classes
  • SOC SCI 125– Introduces college-level research and writing for students in the social sciences. Helps students learn how to research and write term papers.
  • COUN 125– A one unit class that reviews study techniques needed for succeeding in college, including note taking, text book reading, test preparation, time management and memory strategies.
  • COUN 114– A UC transferable college orientation course which focuses on Academic & Career Planning; Study Skills and Self-understanding.
  • COUN 115– Assists students with planning for a successful transfer.
  • COUN 130/133B– Courses to help you select a college major and career.

You may also review the current schedule for additional classes.


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