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College of Marin
Governance Review Council
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Governance Review Council

ChargeThe Governance Review Council will monitor and evaluate the governance process to ensure that: • The system’s processes, decision-making and communication are available to all.

  • The “Principles for Effective Governance” as outlined in the Participatory Governance Manual are adhered to.
  • Committees are fulfilling their charges effectively.
  • Those involved accept responsibility for the roles they play in the system and for communicating information to their constituent group.
  • Appropriate decisions are made consistent with the mission of the College.
  • There is commitment by the College to a continuous maintenance of its system of internal governance.


The Governance Review Council shall:

  • Conduct a review and evaluation six months after adoption of the new governance procedures.
  • Conduct an evaluation of the governance system annually or more frequently when deemed necessary by two of the three senates or the Board of Trustees.
  • Serve as an adjudicating body for any issues having to do with the governance process. All recommendations will be written, justified and distributed to the College Council.
  • Establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations.
  • Recommend changes and revisions to the governance system that are based on the outcome of the evaluation process.


  • 3 faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • 3 classified staff appointed by the CSEA/SEIU Joint Committee
  • 3 students appointed by the Student Senate
  • 3 managers appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • The Chair or Co-Chairs will be elected from the group.

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