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Instructions for Admissions
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There is a $50.00 Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee

  • Fall 2016 Classes begin on Monday, August 22, 2016.
  • Applications for Fall 2016 will be accepted through July 15, 2016.
  • Registration priority will be given to students who apply early.
  • Students submitting incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • You are advised to apply as soon as possible since you will be required to take English and math placement tests.

Application Deadlines

  Fall 2016 Semester
Application Deadline July 15, 2016
Mandatory Orientation Date To be determined
Classes Begin August 22, 2016

Criteria for Admissions

Students are admitted to the College of Marin International Student Credit Program under the following conditions:

I. Students seeking admission may complete and submit the Application for Admission International Students and:

1. Provide evidence of English proficiency, if native language is not English.

a. Applicants must provide an acceptable score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). A score of 500, or 173 on the computer based test or 61 on the Internet based test. ( is required.

b. Provide an acceptable score on the IELTS (English for International Opportunity) Academic Test. A score of 6.0 is required.

2. Show means of adequate financial support by completing the form for Official Certification of Personal or Family Funds.

3. Submit $50.00 Application Processing Fee (non-refundable). The amount must be in United States dollars (no cash please). Make check or money order payable to "College of Marin."

4. If necessary, provide a completed Enrollment Status Form completed by the last school attended in the United States.

5. Provide evidence of High School graduation and transcripts from all colleges/universities attended in the United States.

II. Students will be required to enroll in all courses approved by the International Student Advisor.

III. All accepted students are required to take an English Placement Test and a Math Placement Test (in addition to 1 above). As a result of these tests, students may be required to take and successfully complete the required English and Math courses. Please note: English courses below English 120 and Math courses below Math 101 may be required but are not degree applicable.

IV. Students in the credit International Student program are required to be continuously enrolled as full-time students (12 or more units).

V. Tuition at College of Marin for the 2016-2017 school year will be $261 per credit, which amounts to $3,132 for a 12-credit semester, or $6,264 per school year. Students are also subject to an enrollment fee of $46 per unit, a $19 health fee, an $8 student activities fee, a $1 student representation fee, a $35 student transportation fee, a $10 technology fee, and applicable material fees. (Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time.) In addition, mandatory medical insurance is required and payable with class registration. The estimated cost of medical insurance is $2,000 per year (subject to change).

VI. Students are required to obtain a tuberculosis test clearance from the Campus Health Center upon arrival.

VII. Generally, students may not accept any type of employment while in the United States unless granted a work permit. Permits by the International Student Advisory Board are only granted in cases of extreme and unusual circumstances.

VIII. College of Marin does not have dormitories on campus, scholarships or free medical care.

IX. No student will be accepted if the application and evidence that the student has fulfilled requirements I, II, III, IV, and V have not been received by the college by: July 15, 2016.

Estimate of minimum costs for one academic year (two full semesters which do not include the Summer Session). The financial support is for a minimum of $32,935.

Description Cost
Tuition and Fees (12-credits per semester) $ 7,514
*Room and Board (on a shared basis) $ 17,472
Transportation $ 1,242
Personal (miscellaneous) $ 2,916
Books and Supplies $ 1,791
Medical Insurance (basic plan) $ 2,000
TOTAL $ 32,935

*Apartments that are not shared will be more expensive.

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Forms available for download*(all forms must be completed)

* These files PDF icon require Adobe Acrobat Reader which you may download for free from Adobe's web site.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Make certain that you complete the required certification that the information submitted on your application and financial statement is complete, true and correct and that you understand that, if the rules and regulations stated therein are not followed you will be subject to termination from the college.

Make sure that you have completed and submitted the online application form, printed and filled out all applicable forms, and mailed your materials to:

Office of Enrollment Services
College of Marin
835 College Avenue
Kentfield, CA 94904

If you have questions regarding this application process, you may send an e-mail to



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