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Graduation Requirements for Registered Nursing Major

Graduation Requirements for Registered Nursing Major Completion of the following:
  • Anatomy (Biology 120)
  • Physiology (Biology 224)
  • Microbiology (Biology 240)
  • English (English 150) - English classes must be taken for a letter grade
  • Chemistry 110
  • Nursing Education:
    • 101, 102, 135, 135L, 138, 140, 140L, 203, 220A, 220B, 210, 210L, 212, 212L, 214, 214L, 216, 216L, 225, 225L
  • Psychology 110 and 112 or 114
  • One course to be selected from: Anthropology 102, 103, 208 or Sociology 110, 140
  • One course to be selected from: Speech 110, 120, or 128

Additional General Education Degree Requirements:

  • Cross Cultural Studies (3)
  • American Institutions (3)
  • Humanities (3)
  • Physical Education (1)

Students who wish to challenge any of these courses, or pre-requisites, should follow the College of Marin challenge process.

Graduation Requirements for Registered Nursing Students:

General Education Requirements

Required by the College

Courses at College of Marin

Number of units at College of Marin

Natural Sciences

Biology 120


Social /Behavioral Sciences

Psychology 110



English 151 *


Written Composition

English 150


Communication/Analytical Thinking

Speech 110 or 120


American Institutions

Ethnic St 111,112, 121 or 151


Cross-Cultural Studies

Fulfilled with American Institutions


Physical Activity

One unit PE course



Placement test used to place beyond Math 103 or completion of Math 103 **


Major Requirements

Content required for Licensure by BRN




Biology 120

Units counted above


Biology 224



Biology 240


Nursing Education courses



Introduction to Psychology

Psychology 110

Units counted above

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Psychology 114***



Anthropology 102 or Sociology 110  or 140



Speech 110 or 120

Units counted above

Other requirements:    


Chemistry 110

Waived with high school course

Total units required by our program for graduation


76.5 units with 5 unit science classes

*English 151 required for transfer to CSU

**Recommend Math 115 for transfer to CSU

***Psychology 114 is recommended for transfer to CSU



Graduation Requirements for Students with a Prior Bachelor's Degree:  

In compliance with SB 139 (October 12, 2007), students applying for an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing who already possess a bachelor's degree or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the United States may be awarded an associate degree upon completion of all of the coursework necessary for licensing as a registered nurse.  This includes all of the prerequisites to the program and the degree requirements for nursing. 


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