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Backgrounds Checks/ Drug Screening

Background Clearance/Conviction Information

Notice Concerning Eligibility for the Nursing Program
Background checks are commonly completed on health care personnel, including students and volunteers. Current and prospective nursing students must at all times meet applicable hospital security standards for placement in mandatory clinical rotations at selected hospitals. Every student offered space in the program will be required to submit to a background screening prior to beginning clinical rotations as part of their clinical requirements for admission, and repeat this process again in their second year. A history of felony conviction(s) or any bar, exclusion or other ineligibility for federal program participation could render a student ineligible for clinical placemat, as determined by the clinical agencies.

If a student cannot obtain background clearance from the clinical agencies, it will not be possible to place the student in the clinical areas, which is a required component of the program. In the event that a student cannot obtain a background clearance, the space will be forfeited.

Students who are found to be ineligible for clinical placement by the clinical agency after admission to the nursing program shall be subject to dismissal from the program, as they will be unable to complete mandatory clinical rotations.

Applicants are sent a copy of the screening report.  Applicants have the right to disput the accuracy of the report.

Please note the following specific information:

Background Screening Information for Northern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers

Criminal Background Check requirement for all nursing students placed at a Northern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Center,

Outpatient Clinic/Medical Office Building, Home Health & Hospice, or Appt & Advice Call Center.

Effective 1/1/2008, a student with a background check that indicates any of the following felony and/or misdemeanor convictions

within the last 7 years is not eligible for clinical placement:

Violent crimes such as murder, rape, sexual assault and robbery, kidnapping, attempted murder, assault with deadly weapons.  

Crimes involving theft, embezzlement, burglary, forgery, fraud, arson, identity theft.

Sex crimes including sexual molestation and sex crimes against children, or any conviction for which a candidate is required to register as a sex offender with a state or federal government agency.

Drug related crimes such as drug theft, sales, distribution, manufacturing and possession of controlled substances.

Multiple convictions (more than one conviction for same or different crime).

Name posted on any government sanctioned or debarred list.

Drug Screening

Mandatory Background Check

Notice Concerning Board of Registered Nursing Licensure
Prior to obtaining a license to practice as a Registered Nurse, all graduates must report felony and misdemeanor convictions along with submission of fingerprints. The Board of Registered Nursing may deny licensure based on prior convictions. For a list of convictions substantially related to the practice of nursing, please contact the Nursing Department or the Board of registered Nursing Web page.

If students have any questions about the background screening, nursing program eligibility, or the Board of Registered Nursing requirements, they should contact the Nursing Program Director at 415.485.9326.

Note: All materials submitted during the application process become the property of the College of Marin. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All materials will be kept on file for one year following the selection process. Materials on file past this time period will be destroyed. A new application form with supportive documents will be required for each re-application to the program

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