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Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
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COM Participatory Governance System (PGS)

The College of Marin Participatory Governance System is guided by the California Educational Code as specified in Section 70901(b)(1)(E) which states governing boards of community college districts will "ensure faculty, staff and students with the right to participate effectively in district governance, and the opportunity to express their opinions at the campus level and ensure that these opinions are given every reasonable consideration, and the right of academic senates to assume primary responsibility for making recommendations in the areas of curriculum and academic standards as well as other academic and professional matters as are mutually agreed upon between the governing board and the academic senate." An effective participatory governance system is required to meet accreditation standards. The College of Marin Participatory Governance System aspires to practice transparency in decision-making.


Click to link to our Participatory Governance System Frequently Asked Questions Page: PGS FAQs

The PGS FAQs page gives you quick access to information about our Participatory Governance System such as how committee representatives are appointed, where to find PGS committee web pages, how to find the names of committee chairs and members, the purpose of the governance system, where to find committee meeting days and times and more. Check it out!


Participatory Governance System (PGS) Plan, Org Chart & Overview

PGS Plan & Organizational Chart

The Participatory Governance System Plan includes an outline of the governance system, committee charges and responsibilities and governance procedures that guide meeting operation and participatory decision-making processes. A quick link to the Committee Organizational Chart (also included in the Plan) is also posted below.

PGS Overview
Click here to access a quick guide to the College's Participatory Governance System: PGS System Overview

PGS Standing Committees

The Participatory Governance System consists of the standing committees and councils listed below. Click on the committee name to link to the Committee Webpage which includes each committee's charge and responsibilities, members, agendas and minutes.

PGS Committee Charges and Web Pages

Meeting Dates & Times

Committee meeting dates, times, locations and contact information is listed on the online Governance Meetings Calendar.
You may also access the calendar from the College Home Page by clicking on "Governance Meetings" in the "Calendar of Events" drop down box.

Constituent Reporting

Committee members may use the Governance Committee Report form to report to their constituency on committee work and actions. Governance Committee members are responsible for reporting back to their constituency regarding committee work and actions.


Senates and Associated Students Organization

The Academic and Classified Senates and the Associated Students of College of Marin represent faculty, staff and students and provide the foundation for the College's Participatory Governance System.

The Academic Senate represents all certificated instructional personnel including credit, non-credit, full and part-time faculty, which includes instructors, counselors, college nurse and librarians. The faculty elects 15 members to the Academic Senate.

Academic Senate Subcommittees
Academic Standards Committee
Curriculum Committee
Distance Education Committee
General Education Committee
Program Review Committee
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Council

The Classified Senate represents all staff other than certificated and management. Senators are elected from the classified staff in proportion to the percentage of CSEA, SEIU and unrepresented employees in the District.

ASCOM represents all College of Marin students to the community and to the legislative bodies.


PGS Committee Participant Surveys

Under the auspices of the Governance Review Committee (GRC), the PRIE Office conducts an annual committee member participant survey during the spring semester to assess committee member's perceptions of and satisfaction with the governance system. Results are reviewed by the GRC in the fall and used to make recommendations to revise and improve the system.


Governance Digest

The Office of PRIE publishes an annual Governance Digest that summarizes PGS committee activities, recommendations and outcomes. The Governance Digest is published in the fall and represents committee work from the previous academic year.


Click here to access a variety of resources that will assist committee chairs and members to conduct effective meetings, communicate with their constituency and learn more about participatory governance.


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