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The Governance Review Council will monitor and evaluate the governance process to ensure that:

  • the system’s processes are open and transparent;
  • governance committees adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Participatory Governance System Plan;
  • committees fulfill their charges effectively;
  • committee members regularly communicate with their constituent group;
  • recommendations are consistent with the mission of the College; and
  • the College actively maintains its participatory governance system.


The Governance Review Council shall:

  • conduct an evaluation of the governance system annually or more frequently when deemed necessary by two of the three senates or the Board of Trustees;
  • serve as an adjudicating body for any issues having to do with the governance process. All recommendations will be written, justified and distributed to the College Council;
  • establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations; and
  • recommend to College Council changes and revisions to the Participatory Governance System that are based on evaluation process and recommendations from governance groups consistent with current laws and regulations.


  • 2 faculty appointed by the academic senate
  • 2 classified staff appointed by official classified staff appointing body.
  • 2 students appointed by the student senate
  • 2 managers appointed by the superintendent/president
  • The chair or co-chairs will be elected from the group.

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Members and Staff Resources



Constituency Member Name
Faculty (2)     1. Shawn Purcell
    2. Yolanda Bellisimo
Classified Staff (2)     3. Seanna Villarreal
Students (2)     5. Stephen Dargie
    6. Alec Lavine
Managers (2)     7. Anna Pilloton
    8. Marshall Alameida
Staff Resources     9. Angela Olmanson


Chair: Rotating members

Members: Christine Li (Faculty), Shawn Purcell (Faculty), Joan Rinaldi (Classified Professional), Steve Petker (Student), Jason Lau ( (Manager, resigned from College mid-year), Christina Leimer (Manager, replaced Jason Lau), Leslie Barker (Manager)
Staff Resource: Barbara David and Barbara Olson


Chair: Matt Markovich (Administration)
Members: Christine Li (Faculty), Julie Oyle (Classified Professional), Steve Petker (Student), Lance Reyes (Student), Joan Rinaldi (Classified Professional), Wendy Walsh (Absent), Cathy Summa Wolfe (Manager)
Staff Resource: Barbara David



Chair: Matt Markovich (Administration)
Members: Chialin Hsieh (Administration), Christine Li (Faculty), Gerardo Orantes (Student), Joan Rinaldi (Classified Professional), Rion Smith (Classified Professional), Dominic Suvonnasupa (Student), Wendy Walsh (Faculty)
Staff Resources: Barbara David and Kathleen Kirkpatrick

Meeting Schedule

GRC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month when classes are in session from 2:00-3:00 p.m in AC 229. Check the Governance Calendar to confirm room location and current meeting dates and times.

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Materials

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Additional Materials
2014-15 Academic Year
04-08-2015 04-08-2015 Agenda

04-08-2015 Minutes

03-25-2015 03-25-2015 Agenda 03-25-2015 Minutes -
03-11-2015 03-11-2015 Agenda

03-11-2015 Minutes

02-27-2015 02-27-2015 Agenda 02-27-2015 Minutes -
02-11-2015 02-11-2015 Agenda 02-11-2015 Minutes -
12-10-2014 n/a 12-10-2014 Minutes -
11-12-2014 11-12-2014 Agenda 11-12-2014 Minutes -
10-08-2014 10-08-2014 Agenda 10-08-2014 Minutes GRC Charge and Responsibilities,   pages 7-11 of PGS Plan, Accreditation Steering Committee Proposal, Finance Subcommittee of PRAC Proposal

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Additional Materials
2013-14 Academic Year
05-14-2014  05-14-2014 Agenda  05-14-2014 Minutes  
04-09-2014 (cancelled)  n/a  n/a  
03-12-2014  03-12-2014 Agenda  03-12-2014 Minutes  
02-12-2014 02-12-2014 Agenda  02-12-2014 Minutes PGS Survey Tools' SheetPGS Committee Org Chart (from PGS Manual)
12-11-2013 12-11-2013 Agenda  12-11-2013 Minutes  
11-13-2013 11-13-2013 Agenda 11-13-2013 Minutes  
10-9-2013 10-09-2013 Agenda 10-09-2013 Minutes  
2012-13 Academic Year
05-22-2013 5-22-2013 Agenda

5-22-2013 Minutes

04-10-2013 (spring break) n/a n/a  
03-13-2013 (cancelled) n/a n/a  

02-13-2013 Agenda

02-13-2013 Minutes  

01-23-2013 Agenda

01-23-2013 Minutes  

11-28-2012 Agenda

11-28-2012 Minutes  

10-17-2012 Agenda

10-17-2012 Minutes  

09-18-2012 Agenda

09-18-2012 Minutes 2011-2012 PGS Digest: Governance in Action
2011-12 Academic Year      
05-15-2012 (cancelled) n/a n/a  

04-17-2012 (cancelled)

n/a n/a  

03-20-2012 Agenda

 03-20-2012 Minutes

1.SAS Committee Draft Charge
2. PGS Member Survey, Spring 2011 Format


02-21-2012 Agenda

02-21-2012 Minutes (none)


12-13-2011 Minutes

Resolution from PRAC to GRC re request for Web pages for each PGS committee


11-15-2011 Agenda

11-15-2011 Minutes

Educational Planning Committee Revision 10-4-2011

10-2011 (cancelled)

Proposed October 2011 Agenda



09-27-2011 Minutes

1. September Data Nugget Enrollment Bar Graph
2. 2010 PGS Member Survey Results Overview

PGS Question Challenges (and answers) published in the President's Weekly Briefings


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