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Chapter 7: Human Resources Board Policies

NOTE: See Chapter 7 Administrative Procedures for related APs. Not all Board Policies have a related AP.

BP 7100      Commitment to Diversity
BP 7110      Delegation of Authority
BP 7120      Employment Recruitment
BP 7130      Compensation
BP 7140      Collective Bargaining
BP 7150      Evaluation
BP 7155      Commendation of District Employees
BP 7160      Professional Development
BP 7210      Academic Employees
BP 7230      Classified Employees
BP 7236      Substitute and Short Term Employees
BP 7240      Confidential Employees
BP 7250      Educational Administrators
BP 7251      Educational Administrators Retreat Rights
BP 7260      Classified Supervisors and Managers
BP 7270      Student Employees
BP 7280      Unrepresented Employee Complaints
BP 7310      Nepotism
BP 7330      Communicable Disease
BP 7335      Health Examinations
BP 7340      Leaves
BP 7345      Catastrophic Leave Program
BP 7348      Outside Employment/Conflict of Interest
BP 7350      Resignations
BP 7360      Discipline and Dismissal, Academic Employees
BP 7365      Discipline and Dismissal-Classified Employees
BP 7370      Use of District Resources Political Activity
BP 7380      Retiree Health Benefits - Academic Employees
BP 7385      Salary Deductions
BP 7400      Travel
BP 7510      Domestic Partners
BP 7600      District Police
BP 7700      Whistleblower Protection


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