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Chapter 6: Business and Fiscal Services Administrative Procedures

Note: Not all Board Policies have a related Administrative Procedure

AP 6100      Delegation of Authority, Business and Fiscal Affairs  (4/19/2016)
AP 6150      Designation of Authorized Signatures   (4/19/2016)
AP 6200      Budget Preparation
AP 6250      Budget Management
AP 6300      Fiscal Management
AP 6320      Investments  (4/19/2016)
AP 6322      Employee Indemnity Bonds  (4/19/2016)
AP 6340      Contracts—Goods
AP 6345      Contracts – Professional Services
AP 6350      Contracts - Construction
AP 6360      Contracts – Electronic Systems and Materials
AP 6365      Contracts -- Accessibility of Information Technology
AP 6370      Contracts – Personal Services
AP 6400      Audits
AP 6500      Property Management
AP 6520      Security for District Property  (3/8/2016)
AP 6530      District Vehicles
AP 6535      Use of District Equipment
AP 6540      Insurance
AP 6550      Disposal of District Personal Property  (11/13/2012)
AP 6560      Environmental Responsibility
AP 6570      Integrated Pest Management
AP 6580      Excavations Occurring in Native American Midden Areas
AP 6600      Capital Construction
AP 6700      Civic Center and Other Facilities Use
AP 6740      Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee
AP 6750      Parking
AP 6800      Industrial Safety  (4/19/2016)
AP 6805      Controlled Access Hours (2/16/2016)
AP 6850      Bicycles, Skateboards, Roller Skates, Roller Blades, Scooters and Other Similar Devices on Campus   (4/19/2016)


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