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Chapter 2: Board of Trustees Administrative Procedures

Note: Not all Board Policies have a related Administrative Procedure.

AP 2015     Student Trustee (11/18/2014)
AP 2105     Election of Student Trustee (11/18/2014)
AP 2110     Vacancies on the Board of Trustees (12/08/2009)
AP 2305     Annual Organizational Meeting (11/18/2014)
AP 2320     Special and Emergency Meetings (06/23/2009)
AP 2340     Agendas (06/23/2009)
AP 2360     Minutes (11/17/2009)
AP 2435     Evaluation of Superintendent/President (06/23/2009)
AP 2610     Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Agreements (11/17/2009)
AP 2710     Conflict of Interest (12/08/2009)
AP 2712     Conflict of Interest Code (10/14/2014)
AP 2714     Distribution of Tickets and Passes (11/18/2011)
AP 2800     Naming of Facilities (08/24/2010)


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