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Chapter 2: Board of Trustees Board Policies

NOTE: See Chapter 2 Administrative Procedures for related APs. Not all Board Policies have a related AP.

BP 2000      Board Title and Authority
BP 2010      Board Membership
BP 2015      Student Trustee
BP 2100      Board Elections
BP 2105      Election of Student Trustee (11-18-2014)
BP 2110      Vacancies on the Board
BP 2200      Board Duties and Responsibilities
BP 2210      Officers
BP 2220      Committees of the Board
BP 2305      Annual Organizational Meeting (11-18-2014)
BP 2310      Regular Meetings of the Board
BP 2315      Closed Sessions (11-18-2014)
BP 2320      Special and Emergency Meetings

BP 2330      Quorum and Voting (11-18-2014)
BP 2340      Agendas
BP 2345      Public Participation at Board Meetings
BP 2350      Speakers
BP 2355      Decorum/Conduct
BP 2360      Minutes
BP 2365      Recording
BP 2410      Board Policy and Administrative Procedures
BP 2430      Delegation of Authority to Superintendent/President
BP 2431      Superintendent/President Selection
BP 2432      Superintendent/President Succession
BP 2435      Evaluation of Superintendent/President
BP 2610      Presentation of Initial Collective Bargaining Proposals
BP 2710      Conflict of Interest
BP 2715      Code of Ethics
BP 2716      Political Activity (11-18-2014)
BP 2717      Personal Use of Public Resources
BP 2720      Communications among Board Members
BP 2725      Board Member Compensation (11-18-2014)
BP 2730      Board Member Health Benefits
BP 2735      Board Member Travel
BP 2740      Board Education
BP 2745      Board Self-Evaluation
BP 2750      Board Member Absence from the State
BP 2800      Naming of Buildings and Facilities


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