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Accreditation History

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Summary of Accreditation History (2004-2014)

Official Accreditation-related Documents (Note: For recent college wide institutional reports/responses since the 2010 Self-Study, see Accreditation Home Page and select specific report.)

  1. ACCJC Announcement Letter of Date of External Evaluation Team Visit (03-28-2016)
  2. ACCJC Letter re new transfer degrees (Administration of Justice AS-T, Geology AS-T, Geography AA-T, Math AS-T, History AA-T, Art History AA-T, Economics AA-T, Philosophy AA-T, Physics AS-T and Anthropology AA-T) (02-18-2015)
  3. ACCJC Announcement Letter of Comprehensive Visit Schedule Shift (12-17-2014)
  4. ACCJC Letter re new transfer degrees (Early Childhood Education AS-T and Theatre Arts AA-T) (10-21-2014)
  5. College of Marin 2014 Annual Report submission to ACCJC (03-31-2014)
  6. ACCJC Response to Midterm Report 2013 (02-07-2014)
  7. College of Marin 2013 Annual Report submission to ACCJC (03-28-2013)
  8. ACCJC Acknowledgement Letter of two new Degrees (Business Administration and Political Science) (01-14-2013)
  9. ACCJC Letter re new U.S. Dept. of Education Regulations Fall 2012 (Fall 2012)
  10. ACCJC Letter Confirming Accreditation, referencing Standard II.A.1 and Intensive English Program Courses (11-20-2012)
  11. COM's College Status Report on SLO Implementation (10-12-2012)
  12. ACCJC Announcement Letter of Date and Visiting Team Members for 2012 Team Visit for Follow-Up Report (09-20-2012)
  13. ACCJC Letter re 2012-13 Institutional Reports on Institutional Status on Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment of Learning (04-05-2012)
  14. ACCJC 2011-12 Annual Report (includes Student Achievement, SLO & Assessment, Substantive Change and other statistics) (3-23-2012)
  15. ACCJC Acknowledgement Letter of three new Associate of Art Transfer Degrees
  16. ACCJC Clarification of Assessment Rubric Language (07/28/2011)
  17. ACCJC Letter to California Colleges re federal regulations re state authorization for Distance Education programs 5/19/2011
  18. College of Marin 2010-11 Annual Report submission to ACCJC (05/18/2011)
  19. Certificate of Accreditation (2/28/2011)
  20. ACCJC/WASC Financial Resources Evidence and Distance Education (8/17/2010)
  21. ACCJC Acceptance Letter (6/30/2009) *
  22. College of Marin Addendum to Progress Report (05/01/2009) *
  23. College of Marin Progress Report (3/18/2009) *
  24. ACCJC "Off Probation" Letter (6/30/2008) *
  25. ACCJC Team Report from April 1, 2008 Site Visit *
  26. College of Marin Addendum to Progress Report (05/09/2008) *
  27. College of Marin Progress Report (3/28/2008)*
  28. ACCJC Probation Letter (1/31/2008)*
  29. U.S. Department of Education Recognition Hearing for ACCJC (1/18/2008)*
  30. College of Marin Addendum to Midterm Report (12/6/2007)*
  31. ACCJC Response to Focused Midterm Report (11/8/2007)*
  32. College of Marin Focused Progress Report ( 10/12/2007)*
  33. College of Marin Progress Report (3/15/2005); Appendix 2 (3/15/2005)
Collegewide Accreditation-related Communication/Information
  1. President's Weekly Briefing of 2-13-2014 - announcement that ACCJC certified and accepted College of Marin's Midterm Report.
  2. President's Weekly Briefing of 12-19-2013 - announcement of ACCJC's meeting Jan. 8-10th to discuss action re Midterm 2013.
  3. President's Weekly Briefings of 08-23-2013, 09-05-2013, 09-12-2013, 09-19-2013, 09-26-2013 - announcements that Midterm Progress Report is available for review and indicating feedback is welcome.
  4. COM's Office of Communications' announcement (via home page) to community about ACCJC's official response of 02-11-2013
  5. ALO's email to Senate presidents providing ACCJC response to Follow Up 2011 Report (02-09-2012) and Team Report (12-5-2011)
  6. President's Weekly Briefing announcing receipt of ACCJC response to Follow Up 2011 Report (see letter link above)
  7. Convocation Update on the Follow-Up Report timeline (8/12/2011)
  8. ACCJC Clarification of Assessment Rubric Language (07/28/2011) sent to Cabinet, Acad. Senate President, SLO Coord. (07/29/2011)
  9. Progress Made on ACCJC Recommendations (4/6/2011)
  10. 3/29/2011 email Template for the Follow-Up Report and reminded to responsible parties
  11. Final Plan for Completion of ACCJC Recommendations Follow-Up Report
  12. Process for addressing ACCJC Recommendations for Follow-Up Report

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