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College of Marin Intensive English Program (IEP)
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Reasons to Attend


Ten Reasons to Choose This Program and Join Us

A Perfect Location
College of Marin’s Intensive English Program is located on the 333-acre Indian Valley Campus, surrounded by natural beauty. The Campus has its own Organic Farm, where students can get fresh fruits and vegetables. The area, once home to California Miwok Indians, occupies a spectacular landscape where you can see deer and wild turkeys on your way to class. Students can use the beautiful swimming pool and hiking trails which lead into the hills around the campus.

In the Friendly and Diverse City of Novato
The Intensive English Program is located in the small city of Novato, with a population of 52,000—a family-friendly community with a low crime rate located in the heart of Marin County, the second wealthiest and one of the most lovely and safest counties in the United States.

Only 20 Minutes Away From San Francisco
Close to one of the world’s most beautiful cities, San Francisco, IEP students take field trips together to fun cultural events, such as baseball games and art museums. There is always a weekend Bay area adventure waiting for IEP students. San Francisco is accessible by ferry, bus and car, just over the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Get Personal Attention in Smaller Classes
Our smaller Intensive English Program allows students to really practice English skills, ask questions in class, and get to know each other and the teachers in a friendly, informal setting. No more than 60 students total are in the program at any one time, guaranteeing effective and high-quality instruction and personal attention.

A Truly International Community
Students come to our program from all over the world to study English— Fall 2013 students from Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, China, Czech Republic, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Switzerland,Thailand, Ukraine.

A Wonderful Climate
The Indian Valley Campus location of the IEP has a truly Mediterranean climate, with four seasons to enjoy. Spring and Summer are sunny and bright, Autumn has colorful leaves on the trees and warm “Indian Summer” days, Winter is cool and rainy, with occasional frost, but no snow.

Economical Intensive English Program Cost
The College of Marin IEP program offers high quality instruction at an affordable price of only $2500 US for 20 hours of weekly instruction for 16 weeks, truly an economical program cost. Additionally, students pay a $50 application fee each semester, plus medical insurance, at $1,066 per semester.

Our History of Success
For over 30 years, the College of Marin IEP has successfully educated international students in mastering English language skills. IEP students greatly value this educational experience, the strong friendships they make with other students and their instructors, and the many special program activities they share together.

First Rate Instructors
Expert and experienced instructors teach all IEP classes. Every instructor has advanced degrees, Master of Arts (MA), or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and years of experience educating students whose first language is not English. All instructors have lived overseas and understand the challenges of living and studying in another culture.

An Excellent Reputation
The College of Marin is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the College of Marin Intensive English Program is a member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP).


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Faculty and Staff

The Intensive English Program instructors are highly qualified professionals whose training and experience have well prepared them to teach. All instructors hold Master of Arts degrees or higher. The staff includes a Program Coordinator who works with students on immigration requirements, visas, school problems, housing, and personal concerns.

Director of International Education Telephone Email room
Jason Lau, Ph.D. 415.485.9316

SS 149 , KTD

IEP Program Coordinator Telephone Email room
Sara Oser 415.457.8811 ext. 8579

Bldg. 3, Room 259 IVC

Faculty Degree Telephone Email room
Sueli Bertuol-Okun M.A. 415.457.8811 ext. 8579 Bldg. 3, Room 261 IVC
Magda Levin Ph.D. 415.457.8811 ext. 8579 Bldg. 3, Room 261 IVC
Tammy Wik M.A. 415.457.8811 ext. 8579 Bldg. 3, Room 261 IVC
Suzanne Jones M.A. 415.457.8811 ext 8579 Bldg. 3, Room 261, IVC
 Julia Henley                                       

STAFF Position Telephone email room
Rebecca Freeland International Education Advisor 415.457.8811 ext. 7740 Bldg. 3, Room 252 IVC

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Academic Counselors

Intensive English Program students may meet with College of Marin academic counselors to help them with their college plans.  Some IEP students may wish to transfer into the College of Marin credit program, something that students may do once all IEP Level 3 Advanced course work is completed, with no TOEFL score requirement.  Other students may want to learn about other undergraduate or graduate programs and the counselors can help them with this.  IEP students may meet with counselors to discuss document evaluation, the American educational system, or to talk about personal issues they may have in adjusting to college and being far from their home country. Please call or email one of the listed counselors to set up an appointment.

Academic Counselors Telephone Email room
Alexandra Magallanes-Rivera 415.485.9320

SS 218, KTD

Bessie Ng-Jung 415.485.9428 SS 223, KTD
Karen Robinson 415.485.9444 SS 220, KTD

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Further Study and Transfer


Any College of Marin Intensive English Program F-1 student who completes the IEP Level 3 Advanced course work gains guaranteed Conditional Admission to the College of Marin credit program, without the TOEFL or IELTS score requirement. The College of Marin will accept IEP students into the credit program if they have applied for credit admission and completed the IEP program. The College of Marin will also accept into the Credit Program any IEP students who earn a TOEFL score of 61/500(paper) or IELTS 6.

Institutional TOEFL
Testing is offered one month before the end of each Fall or Spring semester for interested international students who wish to apply to the college credit program. TOEFL test preparation is part of the IEP Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation course work. Institutional TOEFL preparation is also part of the Idioms and TOEFL Preparation Course offered five hours per week, to help students have easy transfer into the college credit program and to help students keep progressing in their educational goals. An Institutional TOEFL will be given April 6, 2015 at the Kentfield Campus (Village Square 5A). Information and Registration at


Associate Degrees
IEP students who successfully apply to the college credit program may choose to earn an Associate degree in Arts or Sciences in a major, which is a focused area of study in one area or a combined area, plus general education. Associate degrees generally require two years of study. Students should meet with an academic counselor to understand requirements for their degree plan.

IEP students who successfully apply to the college credit program may choose to earn Certificates in their interest areas, which may prepare students in a shorter amount of time and in a narrower field than degree programs. A Certificate of Achievement may be earned for occupational programs, as a widely recognized verification of job preparedness for a designated career. These generally require a year or more of study. Skills Certificates may also be earned as a series of beginning job skills and these take less time and are narrower than the Certificate of Achievement programs.

Two Plus Two Program
Intensive English Program students learn English language skills, which then prepares them to apply to the College of Marin two-year credit program of lower division college classes. After students complete the first two years of credit classes, they may transfer to a four-year college or university for the last two years of upper division credit classes and earn a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences degree.

It is important that international students work with an academic counselor in making their educational plans, to have these on file to comply with SEVIS requirements.

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Campus Facilities

The Intensive English Program has been a part of the College of Marin for over 35 years and is located in the small city of Novato at the scenic 333-acre Indian Valley Campus. The Intensive English Program is housed in the Pomo building and has excellent classroom facilities and a spacious social area with free coffee and tea available for program students. There is also a well-lit, modern computer lab with software to help IEP students with grammar, listening, reading, and writing in English. The Indian Valley Campus also has ‘wi-fi’ connection, with both PC and MAC computers and internet access available for student use at the popular Media Resource Center and Internet Café, where college students like to gather, snack, and socialize, both areas located in the new Main Building.


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