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College of Marin Intensive English Program (IEP)
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Pre-arrival Information

IEP Tuition Fees for International Students (F-1s)

Estimate Costs for One Semester (2016/2017)


Application Fee

Orientation Fee



Tuition Fee

Medical Insurance (Subject to change)


$938 (Subject to change)

Room and Board (on a shared basis)* $7,033
Transportation $540
Personal (miscellaneous) $1,408
Books and Supplies $200
TOTAL $12,739*

* Subject to change. Amounts are approximate and may change at any time. An additional $5,000.00 is required for each dependent.

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Estimate Costs for Two Semesters


Application Fee

Orientation Fee



Tuition Fee

Medical Insurance (Subject to change)


$1,608 (Subject to change)

Room and Board (on a shared basis)* $14,067
Transportation $1,080
Personal (miscellaneous) $2,817
Books and Supplies $400
TOTAL $25,142*

* Subject to change. Amounts are approximate and may change at any time. An additional $5000 is required for each dependent.

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Health Requirements for International Students

All international students attending the Intensive English Program are required to purchase the (non-refundable)medical insurance recommended by the College. There are no medical insurance waivers due to having another medical policy. Optional medical and/or dental insurance for dependents are available at additional cost to student. The insurance provider for College of Marin Novato is, Telephone 1.800.367.5830. International students are also required to be screened for tuberculosis through the College of Marin Health Center before starting classes.

Medical Insurance Rate ( Schedule 2015--2016 (2016-2017 rates may change)
Annual 8/1/2015--7/31/16 $1,608
Fall 8/1/15--12/31/15 $ 670
Spring/Summer 1/1/16--7/31/16 $ 938
Dependents Contact Covered California
All rates are subject to change.    

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College of Marin does not provide international student housing, but there is housing available through the following community resources.

The Student Home (by Sunrise Homes International, Inc.) is an ideal place for international students to live during their studies at College of Marin.  The Student Home is located in San Rafael next to Northgate Mall. There is free transportation to and from College of Marin (Indian Valley Campus), as well as free local “go anywhere” transportation in the afternoons.
Address: 179 Los Ranchitos Road, San Rafael, California 94903, USA
For more information:
Tel (Students): +1 (415) 499.9199, +1 (415) 499.9399, +1 (415) 499.9599
Tel (Manager): +1(888) 807.3460

Students interested in living with an American family should contact one of the agencies below:

Homestay:  International Student Placement (ISP)

Would you like to live with a local American host family?  With this homestay program you get an affordable private room with an option of two meals per day or access to the kitchen, as well as the opportunity to experience American culture first-hand and build cross-cultural relationships.  ISP has been placing international students in host families since 1992.  ISP looks at the house and room and makes sure it is suitable for students.  ISP matches the student with a family based on the student's application form.  When you fill out the form, be specific about your needs (allergies to pets, host's religion, etc.). ISP reads the application and does its best to honor your requests.  ISP is especially nice if you are under 18 years old or have never lived on your own in a foreign country. The fees are $1000/ month with 2 meals per day; $825/ month without meals; $435 non-refundable placement fee.  The student pays the host family and commits for 2-3 months. Airport pick-up can be arranged with ISP in advance for a $120 fee. For more information, contact Jean Ikeda.

Attn: Jean Ikeda
199 First Street, Suite 305
Los Altos, CA 94022, USA
Phone: (650) 947 - 8879
Fax: (650)948-1105

Homestay:  International Housing Placement Service (IHPS)
20 South Altadena Drive Suite 102
Pasadena, CA 91107, USA
Phone: (626) 791 - 4249
Fax: (626) 602 - 3913

IHPS Local Coordinator:
Annie Anderson
Phone: (916) 813 - 6698

Global Student Housing

Other Resources**

CORTFurniture and rental options for international students
19360 Cabot Blvd  |  Hayward, CA 94545

CA Tour
California Tours
Contact Person: Marina Hufford
500 Sutter Street Suite 823  |   San Francisco, CA 94102
415-393-4213 (phone)  |  415-393-4217 (fax)

January Activity Calendar
 |  February Activity Calendar


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Student Visa Applications

Student visa applicants are encouraged to apply early for their visa.
Pleaes visit the U.S. Department of State web site for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the IEP located?
In Novato at the Indian Valley Campus. The IEP is in building Pomo 3, second level. Park in lot number 1 or 2. You will need to buy a daily parking permit for $4.00, or a semester permit for $50 from either the IVC or Kentfield Community Education office. The permit is good at both the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses.

What courses/activities does the IEP offer?
The IEP offers 4 skills courses: Grammar for Oral and Written Communication, Academic Writing and Reading, Listening and Speaking for Academic Success, and Topics in American Culture. In addition, there are four one-hour per week cultural compass courses:  Viewpoints, Pronunciation, Current Events, and Idioms and Expressions in American English. There are three levels each of Academic Writing and Reading and Grammar for Oral and Written Communication, two levels of Listening and Speaking for Academic Success and of Topics in American Culture. Each skills course meets either in the morning or afternoon, twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday for a total of 4 hours a week. The cultural compass courses meet one hour per week in the mornings. There are one or more field trips per semester in addition to social events (birthday parties) to help students create a support network of classmates, faculty, and staff.

When do the courses start?

International Student Orientation for new F-1 students takes place August 2, and August 3, 2016 at the Kentfield campus.
The 16-week semester (Session A) starts August 22, 2016 and ends May 8, 2016. Session B (first half of the semester) is from August 22, 2016--October 13, 2016. Session C (second half of the semester) is from October 17--December 8, 2016. Register at

Who attends the IEP?
F-1s: Students living outside the U.S. come to the U.S. to study for a semester or more for academic purposes. These students are called F-1 international students. F-1 international students are required to attend 20 hours per week. Tourists (B visa)may register for up to 16 hours per week. . J-1s (au pairs) may attend up to 16 hours per week, and their host family pays up to a set amount, as required by their agreement with the au pair agency. Residents: Non-native English speakers living in Marin County for any length of time who want to improve their communication skills for personal or professional reasons.

How much does the IEP cost?
F-1 international students pay one fee ($2500) for the 16-week semester (no 8-week option). F-1 students are also required to pay an application fee,  an orientation fee, and buy health insurance. Non-F1 students may attend between 1 hour and 20 hours per week for 8 or 16 weeks. Fees range from $80 to $2325 depending on hours enrolled.

What is the attendance policy for F-1 international students?
F-1 international students are required to attend 90% of the classes.  This allows the student 32 hours absence including sickness.  Exceeding the 32 hours may result in termination of F-1 status.

How do students sign up for the IEP?

F-1 students need to follow the instructions under "Apply and Register" on this website.

Non F-1s can register online at , or in person at either the Kentfield or IVC Community Education office or online. Students need to fill out a white Community Education Application for Admission Form. On the back is the course ID (identification) number, which they select from the IEP schedule according to the number of hours they are registering for.

What tests are required?
During the first week of the semester all part-time and full-time students are tested for placement in their courses. There are 1, 2, or 3 levels to every course, so students are placed in one of the three levels. For new students in Session B, testing is arranged by appointment with the coordinator.

What is the Institutional TOEFL?
This is a test for F-1 students to fulfill the English proficiency requirement (500 Institutional TOEFL)of the College of Marin credit program and is given twice a year in April and November. F-1 students who complete all of the level 3 IEP courses waive the English proficiency test requirement (TOEFL 500 paper/ 61 iBT/ IELTS 6). These tests test are not required of residents or au pairs unless the au pairs are changing from a J-1 to an F-1 visa. The next Institutional TOEFL is Fall Semester 2016 at the Kentfield Campus. Information and registration is at Class ID to be announced.

Where can students get more information?
The IEP webpage is at Students can visit the program by contacting the IEP coordinator, Sara Oser at 415.883.2211 X8579 or by emailing F-1 students needing help filling out the application can contact Brier Welch, International Education Assistant, via email or telephone 415.457.8811 Extension 7740.

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