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College of Marin Instructional Media Services
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Instructional Media Services

Welcome to the Instructional Media Services web page. Here you'll learn more about our department and how we can serve you at the College of Marin. The Instructional Media Services department provides and maintains all of the audio/visual equipment and services to College of Marin classes at the Kentfield and Indian Valley campuses.

The mission of the Instructional Media Services department is to provide technology and training for the classroom to support faculty and students and for other college related activities throughout the district. We support credit, non credit and community classes and events.

Our Services

  • Reservation and circulation of equipment
  • Overhead transparencies
  • Off-air recording
  • Video duplication and transfer *
  • DVD duplication and transfer *
  • Audio duplication *
  • Teleconferencing rooms
  • ATC (Advanced Technology Classroom) or "smart" classrooms
  • Video taping
  • Tutorial: Setting up an LCD projector with a laptop computer (Download PDF)

If you need instructional media equipment delivered to your class, please download the Semester Equipment Request Form (PDF, 50K) and submit it to

List of Circulation of Equipment

Laptop computer
Lapel mic and speaker
AC extension cord
VHS/TV 16mm projector PA sound system with multiple mics Multi plug AC extension
VHS/DVD/TV Audio cassette player Analog camcorder
Slide projector remote
Slide projector
Audio cassette recorder Digital camcorder Internet cable
Overhead transparency projector Boom box Podium Speakerphone
Opaque projector Boom box for Ipod docking Tripod screen Easel
LCD projector Handheld mic and speaker Wall screen Mic stand

Instructional Video

How to digitize a video

Contact Us

You may phone the department with your media request at (415) 485-9606, or you may email the department at Individual employee contact information is below. We have a department mailbox in Reprographics where messages may also be left. Please let us know the start and end time of your request, exactly what is needed, and a way for the department to contact you to confirm your order.

STAFF Position Telephone Room
Main Office   (415) 485-9606 LC 66
Andy Haber Telecommunications & Electronics Specialist (415) 485-9415 LC 69
Jon Gudmundsson Film Lab Technician (415) 485-9273 LC 82

Office hours Mon Tue wed thu fri time
Regular semester hours checked checked checked checked unchecked 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  unchecked unchecked unchecked unchecked checked 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Summer hours checked checked checked checked unchecked 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

* Illegal Distribution of Copyrighted Materials College of Marin students are prohibited from using the college’s information network to illegally download or share music, video, and all other copyrighted intellectual property. College of Marin supports the Higher Education Opportunity Act and Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including efforts to eliminate the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. Under the law, college administrators may be obligated to provide copyright holders with information about users of the college’s information network who have violated the law. Be aware that illegal forms of downloading and file sharing, as well as the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, are violations of the law and may subject you to academic sanctions from the college as well as criminal and civil penalties, including a lawsuit against you by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Learn more at In addition to being illegal, file sharing drains the network bandwidth, which slows computer connections for students and employees who are using the network for legitimate academic purposes and ultimately costs the college money. There are plenty of easy, affordable ways to get music online legally. For a list of sources that offer legal downloading sites, access

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