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Please select the first letter of the employee's last name.  Alternatively, enter a keyword and press the Search button to find all employees with a last name, first name or nickname that begins with the keyword.  Select the employee's name for additional information.

Please use the phone extensions with either main number:  (415) 457-8811 or (415) 883-2211.

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NameSend EmailOfficePhone
Namvar, Mina SMN 135 8179
Nelson, Cliff SMN 321 6278
Nelson, Gregory BLDG08 135 8100
Nelson, Lori LC 127 7644
Nelson, Tannea PE 11 7586
Newton, Steven SMN 314 7526
Nguyen, Dong SMN 135 8190
Nguyen, Thuy Trang LC 131 7756
Nicholson, Sachiko AC 231 7356
Noble Brown, Linda PA 186 7466
Noble, Molly PA 129 7555
Numaguchi, Vivian AC 106 6246