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DANC 108 Dance History: Art of Movement
DANC 109A Conditioning/Injury/Technique
DANC 109B Conditioning/Injury/Technique
DANC 111 Hip Hop
DANC 111A Introduction to Hip Hop
DANC 111B Beginning Hip Hop
DANC 111C Intermediate Hip Hop
DANC 111D Advanced Hip Hop
DANC 117 Dancercise
DANC 119 African-Haitian Dance
DANC 122A Introduction to Jazz Dance
DANC 122B Beginning Jazz Dance
DANC 123A Begin Intermediate Jazz Dance
DANC 123B Intermediate Jazz Dance
DANC 126A Ballet Fundamentals
DANC 126B Beginning Ballet
DANC 126C Intermediate Beginning Ballet
DANC 126D Advanced Beginning Ballet
DANC 128A Beginning Intermediate Ballet
DANC 128B Intermediate Ballet
DANC 130A Beginning Modern Dance
DANC 130B Modern Dance I
DANC 130C Interm Beg Modern Dance
DANC 130D Advanced Beg Modern Dance
DANC 132 Musical Theatre
DANC 133A Beginning Inter Modern Dance
DANC 133B Intermediate Modern Dance
DANC 134 Dance Improvisation
DANC 135 Art of Choreography I
DANC 139G Musical Production Dance
DANC 142A Beginning Tap Dance
DANC 160A Intro Dance Performance Skills
DANC 161 Beginning Ballroom Dance
DANC 161A Intro Ballroom Dance
DANC 161B Intermediate Ballroom Dance
DANC 170 Summer Broadway Dance I
DANC 171 Summer Broadway Dance II
DANC 172 Summer Contemp Dance Workshop
DANC 173 Summer Contemp Dance Workshop
DANC 175 Summer Classical Perf II
DANC 227A Beginning Advanced Ballet
DANC 227B Advanced Ballet
DANC 233A Beginning Adv Modern Dance
DANC 233B Advanced Modern Dance
DANC 241A Dance Company A
DANC 241B Dance Company B
DANC 241C Dance Company C
DANC 241D Dance Company D
DANC 260 Musical Production - Dance
DENT 100 Intro Health Careers
DENT 101 Intro to Dental Sterilization
DENT 101L Intro Dental Sterilization Lab
DENT 172 Dental Science I
DENT 174 Dental Materials
DENT 176 Morph, Hist, and Recordings
DENT 178 Dental Science II
DENT 180 Chairside I
DENT 182 Dental Radiology
DENT 183 Advanced Dental Procedures
DENT 184 Chairside Procedures II
DENT 186 Clinical Dental Radiology
DENT 187 Clinical/Technique Practicum
DENT 188 Clinical Procedures: Chairside
DENT 190 Dental Practice Mgmt/Econ
DENT 192 Dental Clinical App/Office
DENT 192A Pit and Fissure Sealants
DRAM 110 Intro to the Theatre
DRAM 116 Drama Lit: Greek/Present
DRAM 117 Drama Lit: Shakespeare
DRAM 125 Stage Movement
DRAM 126 Improv for the Theatre
DRAM 127 Improvisation Performance
DRAM 128 Improvisation II
DRAM 129A Voice for the Stage I
DRAM 129B Voice for the Stage II
DRAM 130 Theory/Practice Acting I
DRAM 131 Theory/Practice Acting II
DRAM 134 Acting/Director's Workshop
DRAM 137 Stage Combat
DRAM 142 Children's Theatre Workshop
DRAM 143 Storytelling/Narratives
DRAM 144 Comedy Theory and Technique
DRAM 150 Intro to Stagecraft
DRAM 151 Introduction to Set Design
DRAM 152 Introduction to Stage Costume
DRAM 160 Production Stagecraft
DRAM 161 Production Prep: Sets/Props
DRAM 162 Production Prep: Costumes
DRAM 163 Production Prep: Lights/Sound
DRAM 164 Production Crew
DRAM 166 Stage Makeup: Theory/Practice
DRAM 217 Shakespearean Text Analysis
DRAM 230 Advanced Acting Techniques
DRAM 237 Techniques of Audition
DRAM 240 Directing for the Stage
DRAM 245 Rehearsal and Performance
DRAM 246 Rehears/Perf Modern Comedy
DRAM 252A Seminar/Fieldwork Experience
DRAM 252B Seminar/Fieldwork Experience
DRAM 260 Music Theater Prod Workshop