The Original "To See A World Project"
Team Members and Contributors

The original project team:

      Tim Gilbert: Tim who has moved on to registering domain names for the Island of Tonga(!) provided the much needed computer help to the rest of us technologically-challenged types...

      Jim Locke: Jim was responsible for the general concept and putting the original project into HTML form (the hard way using lynx and unix text editors).... so bug him if you have a problem with a page, etc.

      Stephen Locke: Steve did the original art work for the project. He graduated from the College of Marin and San Jose State and is a principal in a product development company called PROTOFACT. Check out their Botto

      Linda Loring: Linda got us moving by drafting the majority of the text you have (or may) read...

      Lorraine Staab-Leonhardt: Lorraine provided moral support and worked on the Nature Conservancy's part in the preservation of Ring Mountain.

    Recent Contributors:

    Other Important Support:

    • Kathleen Kirkpatrick, Staff Development Office, College of Marin
    • William Dillon, U.S.Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Mass.
    • LavaVideo Productions, 1886 St. Louis Drive, Honolulu, HI 96816

We are always looking for others and especially those that might provide 
financial support!

As a contributor of material, information (including relevant links) or 
financial assistance, you too, will see your name here!

For suggestions, comments, contributions, send us a message: To See A World Project .

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