Who saved and provides us with access to this remarkable plot of land?

Acknowledgment is owed to the environmentalists of Marin and the Nature Conservancy.  Not surprisingly, this beautiful and tranquil spot has felt strong development pressures typical of other areas adjacent to San Francisco. Suburban housing has been springing up all over the Tiburon Peninsula since the l950's. In 1983, when development threatened this site, the Conservancy purchased the site and until 1995 it managed and preserved the site.

The Conservancy also has supported the development of the Natural Heritage Inventory which keeps track of detailed information on the distribution and health of species and natural communities. This effort which partners with public and private agencies, universities, natural history museums, and land managers, seeks to provide sound ecological information to public agencies, corporations, environmental groups, and private citizens alike and thereby promote wise stewardship of the diversity of life.

The TSAW Project seeks to support this wise stewardship and advance access to the information about Ring Mountain using the facilities of the Internet.

Marin Open SpaceThe Ring Mountain Preserve was purchased by the Marin County Open Space District that now administers the site.

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