Kehoe Beach Locality

Just north of Abbott's Lagoon, Kehoe Beach is a marvelous location for seeing the 2nd unconformity on the Pt. Reyes Peninsula.  It also offers the possibilites of making interesting observations of the transition from alluvial to lagoonal to dune modern environments on the walk out to the beach. Walking north from the point that the path reaches the beach, exposures include the granitics (pink on this map) with significant metamorphics, basal sandstones of the Laird (Tl) and the overlying Monterey (Tm) and demonstrate a classic transgressive sequence.

The geologic map on this page has been adapted from an online version of  "Geology of Point Reyes National Seashore and Vicinity, California: A Digital Database"      By: Joseph C. Clark and Earl E. Brabb

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