Seeing ancient worlds in particles of mud!
(Deep Sea Drilling Ship Visits San Francisco)

The Ocean Drilling Program 

The Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) drilling ship Resolution inside S.F. Bay, hydrothermally altered chert exposure in the foreground, Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the Bay Bridge in the distance.

The Resolution under the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Resolution in the Golden Gate Channel starting Leg 168 to the Juan DeFuca Ridge( tectonic setting map) to continue drilling in active spreading centers. 

Article on the evidence for vulcanism on the Juan DeFuca Ridge.

The rock in the foreground is a manganese-rich rock found in the boundary between pillow lavas and radiolarian charts in the Marin Headlands and thought to have been formed at such a boundary.

Scientific American article on the Joides Resolution's Leg 174 
(from New York to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands)

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