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Marin County, California

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Field courses that feature the geology of the Pt Reyes Peninsula
and Eastern Marin are offered regularly by the College of Marin
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Geology offerings in the course schedules of the College of Marin

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Virtual Ring Mountain went to COMDEX!

The Deep Sea Drilling Ship Visit to San Francisco

Avery Island, Louisiana
(Why? It is not only because we like Tabasco!)

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What is the College of Marin
"To See A World" Project?

This is an on-line resource that provides:
  • 1. Internet access to information about Marin County's wide variety of natural and human history, and
  • 2. A source of information for effective land use planning and public policy making in Marin County.
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Why are we doing this?

We hope that you will agree that Marin County's Ring Mountain and its Internet connectivity to the world is a great place to spend an hour, or a lifetime, contemplating the wonder of life and our human abilities to express both scientific understanding and esthetic beauty. William Blake's poem "Auguries of Innocence" seems particularly appropriate to us:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour."

Help the TSAW Project Expand

  • The TSAW project was mentioned in the December issue of Sunset Magazine and stated "This site is a model of what a locally focused Web page can be."

  • The project received a 1995 Global Award for Excellence in Web Design.
    A Four Star rating was received from the Magellan Internet Guide on Aug. 7, 1996 with a review that stated "Get out your hiking boots and get set to take a virtual trek up Ring Mountain. Hikers can explore the environment, learn about geology, and study the impact of humans on the mountain and enjoy the panoramic views of San Francisco.."
    "To See A World" Project was reviewed in WEBSURFER'S BIWEEKLY EARTH SCIENCE REVIEW, and awarded an EXCELLENT SITE award! The WBESR webmasters' discerning eye determined the website to be a cut above those "other" sites and thus richly deserving of the honor of a review on Websurfer's Biweekly Earth Science Review.