The Baker Beach Rocks
3 - Serpentine at top of cliff

Just how extensively this area has been disrupted is indicated by the fact that at the top of the cliff near our start down the trail, we will be walking on a rock called Serpentinite (the state rock of California). Geologists believe that this rock was once part of the Earth's mantle.  If so, this material was once some 5 miles or so beneath the ocean floor and now it is on top of rocks that were once a covering over them! 

Closeup of Serpentinite near the cliff edge

As shown below, the path through the Serpentinite has good
examples for close observation.

And as a final reminder to be careful on your descent along
the path, we will also observe large serpentine boulders on
the beach that have slid down from the cliff edge, like the
large one in the center of the photo below.  You, like the
rocks on these cliffs, can be quite unstable on such a steep
slope and we don't want to have anything happen to reduce
the enjoyment of the trip!

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