The Baker Beach Rocks
16 - High Pressure - Low Temperature Rocks

Our main objective since we hit the beach has been to walk to that major set of large rocks jutting into the water.  All of the observations that we have made to this point have been made between the path and the point.  Beyond the point the geology is quite different and dominated by the Serpentinite. The rocks that make up the point are extremely unique, in that they have been exposed to extremely high pressures, but not heated to high temperatures.  Inside the earth where there are such high pressures there are normally high temperatures and the challenge to geologists has been to explain just how a rock can be squeezed so much but not get heated to the temperature at the depths required for that amount of squeezing.  Geologists refer to rocks like this as being part of the "blueshist facies" of what they called metamorphic rocks.  As we will see not all are blue or schists!

More on "blueschist facies" rocks

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