Ring Mountain Went To COMDEX!

Using content from the "To See A World Project", an "experiment" funded by an NTT Software "Interspace Project" allowed NTT, Sense8 Corporation and the College of Marin to create an educationally oriented, virtual reality field experience on Ring Mountain. The experiment joined virtual reality spaces created by Levi Straus (entertainment oriented) and Tower Records (shopping oriented) and allowed participants to via a computer terminal and an ISDN connection to visit the virtual spaces AND as an "avitar" (three are shown in the photo above) which carries the individual's live image, allow the explorer to "interact" with other avitars in the same virtual reality space.

In 1996 and 1997 NTT and Sense8 took this technology and the virtual Ring Mountain to COMDEX in Las Vegas.

Below are some screen shots for the virtual reality world of Ring Mt.

These have been donated by Corby James Waste
who created them for Sense8 Corporation
and generated them from screen shots using World Up, VR software.