Istanbul Turkey

Not being much of a fan of big cities, I never expected to spend a full week in Istanbul, but I found it absolutely fascinating and full of friendly folks.

Palaces...the Topkapi Palace entrance...a sultans hangout for a long time.  Sink where the sultan's executioner washed his tools following mandated decapitations.  A school class on a field trip to the palace. Geology at the palace includes museum quality emerald jewelry, carved jade, and a highly weathered pillar of granite. The palace has a fabulous view of the Bosporus. There was a Turkish TV program being filmed in the Palace Harem, here are some of the actors...including, I presume, those playing the black and white eunuchs that served the sultan and his sometimes quite extended family. Sultan painting, leading princes to circumcision

All of the following have stories that go along with them but.....


Blue Mosque
Street Scenes
The ubiquitous carpet seller
Tribute to founder on date of death
Istanbul University (Istanbul campus entrance)
Geologists at IU's Acuilar Campus
Greased wrestlers
A Turkish Communist Protest
Go home yankee sign
Not sure what the press coverage of Clinton's visit to Turkey, but not everyone is fond of Americans...but they don't get heard much and most of them end up in jail, I am told.
A BIGGGGG  Gyro (Donir)
sharpening knives
corner market
fish market
Mystic tea garden
Friends Akun and Asin in Mystic tea garden
Tas Konak Hotel in Sultanahmet area
Tas Konak partners

Another Barber
Everyone in the barbershop

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