In Quest of Santorini with a stop on the island of Koss

My first explorations beyond Rhodes was to spend time in the Greek Isles on my quest for the mecca of geological disaster lovers, Thera.  My plan was to visit Koss for a few days because it has a history of volcanoes, has some hot springs on the ocean AND it is commonly referred to as the transportation hub of the Dodecanese.  Well when I got there, I found out that the only boat leaving for the Cyclades and Santorini was to leave on Sunday morning just one day later!  So much for relaxing on Koss! 

I used the first evening to deal with my internet mail and uploading some more pictures.  I was also directed by a lady at the internet cafe to a wonderful little taverna (To Cohili) that seems to be just a little to far for most tourists to one more block. Check it out and let them know that you learned about them from case I go back there again...and I may to finish up what is a very nice island.

I did my usual strolling to get my bearings and met a fisherman selling his wares on the street.

I hopped on a village bus and headed for the volcanic end of the island.  The bus had to stop for gas and I take back what I said in Rhodes about all the little churches being in beautiful places.

I got off at the end of the line in Kefalos and did some wandering around to get my bearings and lunch shopping. This photo is of a villager making some lace.

Finally, off for the volcanoes or at least evidence of volcanism on the island.  Something was up, for as this photo shows the rocks were dramatically different from those seen thus far, somewhat molasse like but with a lot of white powdery stuff interbedded with things that look like stream deposited material.

As I went, the rocks seemed to get larger. In this photo one can see several large blocks weathered out on the surface and one still buried in the roadcut just to the right of center.  It gave me the impression that I might well be going the right direction and getting closer to the source.

Eventually I found some real bedrock...light colored volcanics to be sure. I concur in reports that there were volcanoes on the island . Kefalos has the white buildings in the distance.

Along the way everyone was looking for some shade.

Well with all the rocky spires around I had to pick one to look at up close and see if it was like Mt. Pelee, Lassen, Mt St. Helens and other volcanoes that I have seen up close. The one in this photo intrigued me because there was a sharp, straight line between the smaller and larger spines. 

In retrospect, I probably could have stayed somewhat cooler if I had chosen the spine that forms the island in the center of this picture!

In turned out that the straight line was a man-made wall that got more intriguing the closer I got to it.

As I got closer, I could see a doorway and a window and make out a steep, treacherous path to the front door.

I suspect it was pretty old since the lichen were well developed on this wall for a very long time.

A view of the wall from inside.

Well by this time having nearly forgotten about rocks, what else did I run across?   Along with extensive goat droppings there were lots of pot shards and lots of clay fragments that might be roofing tiles?

I climbed all the way to the top and contemplated how it must have been a marvelous strategy for defense for it was difficult climbing and having someone throwing things from the heights above you would have been a real challenge.  The view was great and you can see the light gray felsic volcanic rock in the foreground (after all these are the wanderings of someone who is supposed to be looking at rocks).

Along the way back I  looked carefully at the rocks along the road and found lots of pumice fragments. In this photo all of the light colored fragments are pumice and the black fragments are all obsidian.

Further confirmation came from my walk and swim at the beach. I doubt that most folks know why all the calluses on their feet have disappeared after being at this pumice rich beach for a few days.

Oh and one last..small world experience...when I got on the bus in the morning it was packed, there were only two seats available and I slid into the window seat.  At the next stop a lady sat down next to me.  During the ride some brief conversation led to the fact that a community college president that I had worked with in the past (respected and admired as well) was one of her best friends. Obviously, Rosy and I  had a lot to talk about over dinner and wine at To Cohili that evening.

On to Mykonos for a brief stop next.