In Quest of Santorini, part 2 (Mykonos)

The ferry ride to Mykonos was to be the most interesting and although it was about 10 hours, it passed very quickly.  I met a large number of interesting folks shown here.

George, on the right, a resident of Athens who is in the process of handing over his air conditioning business to his son and retiring to a tiny, greek island with only 300 residents so that he can fish everyday.  His wife thinks he is crazy, but since he has had three heart attacks and a couple of bypass operations he doesn't seem to care that she share in the dream that he has for the rest of his life.

The pretty lady is Rachel, a self taught, welding, sculptress who was traveling with her husband John who is also an artist.  Rachel and John live in Scotland where they have their studios.  Rachel works with old farm equipment and had just sold a large work to a castle in Scotland that John says "has the soul of a Clydesdale."  John is a transplanted Pennsylvanian who left the US to protest the Vietnam war and ended up in Scotland.
The shirtless fellow was from Norway and had lost all of his luggage to a thief in Crete the first day of his vacation.  All he had left was the clothes on his back.  He was going back home in two days and he really did have a shirt.  The gentleman on the left was someone who had worked, obviously pretty successfully, in the tourist industry on Maui. While he now has 2 sons in college, when they went to college, he and his wife started traveling with their backpacks.  They have been on the road for 3 1/2 years!  I am finding that one meets a lot of people living out their dreams on the road .

Mykonos is a very touristy town but one that has a lot of charm and you shouldn't avoid it.  Especially since it has an interesting geology underneath the windmills above the harbor.  The best exposures that I could observe in the short period of time that I had (3pm-8:30 the next day) were on the shoreline behind the restaurant and below the windmills.

This photo is looking back to the city from behind the restaurant and you can see the resistant granitic rocks along the shoreline, that look similar to the rocks in Pacific Grove on Monterey Peninsula.

There are even porphyritic granitic rocks (note the exceptionally large rectangular feldspar crystals) like those in Pacific Grove.  There is also some nice gneiss next to the harbor and it sure gives one the impression that these granites were formed from formally bedded sedimentary rocks!

The exposures of the previous picture are just to the left of the gaping mouth of the Syros Express, a much smaller ferry that runs back and forth every day from Mykonos to Santorini with stops at several other islands.

One more stop at Paros on the Quest for Santorini!