A little background on a particular, little, Mesozoic oyster from Spain...

First the setting:

There are a lot of bare rocks in the region around the charming walled city of Albarracin, which is west of Teruel. In this map of Spain Teruel is shown east of Madrid.

A small river running through the v-shaped notch and in front of the old portion of the village

The view  above was taken from the wonderful municipal campground. The surrounding region is highly fossiliferous. There is also an extraordinary museum of fossils here that were collected by a farmer from this village.

The campground seems to be in the middle of a salt dome (that's gypsum in the cliffs behind my tent).

This village on the way to the fossil locality had an interesting way to mow the soccer field.

An ammonite from the region.

Millions of little oysters from an oyster "bioherm" near the really tiny village of Toril, Spain on the road to Masogosa.

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