The final leg of the Quest for Santorini!

Finally, off to Santorini.  Leaving Paros the boat went around the north end of the island and one last look at the metamorphic rocks.

Ah, mecca, the northwestern entrance to the Santorini caldera.

The town of Oia (Ia) over the entrance to the caldera from the west and the little port of Ammoudi.  Rounding the point into the caldera.  Oia from inside the caldera.

Sunset from Oia.

A panorama of Oia
(the red rocks are indicative of old cinder cones that are common on this end of the island)

Imerovigli and prominent basaltic lava flows that formed a shield volcano at this location.

Fira and the port of Athinios

The caldera rim east of Fira, is composed of at least two sequences of ash falls.  The white layer at the top may have been responsible for the demise of occupation on the island and perhaps on many other Aegean islands around 1500 B.C.

My son Steve and his wife Kim joined me for a few days on Santorini.  Here's one reason for the limited postings from Santorini! We had to study the volcanoes from a distance.  You know these volcanoes are extremely dangerous, so we must keep our distance from them.  Our observation platform for observing the caldera and central volcano.

We visited Therasia the larger of the southern remnants of the original volcano where I took this nearly complete 360 degree panorama.

It has not all been go, go, go...we have had some fun using the slide into the caldera.

Some pictures of people on Santorini

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