Aire sur Adour's "Bull" Dancing Competition June 2000
In June 2000 after leaving the Pyrennes I chanced upon a considerably more humane version of the long tradition of man against beast than I had been exposed to in Spain and left echoes in my mind of the Minoan Bull Dancing fresco in Crete.  The Concours Landais is an athletic competition in which the cow (or bull) frequently seems to win and is not put to death.

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The premise: a competition between one charging horned animal (bull/cow with a rope tied to it's horn and somewhat controlled by a handler) and one man who either jumps over the bull or spins out of the way.

Bull Dancing

Escape in the nick of time
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Masterful dancing (it better be, note the rope is on his side!)
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Frequently the bull wins (definitely not a sport for the weak of heart!)
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Bull leaping
Bull leaping
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Bull leaping with a gymnastic moves
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The standing leap (with feet in a sack and knees tied together)
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Sometimes one really has to provoke the bull
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