In touch with the earth from a tender age

Born, and shown here, in Evansville Indiana, my family moved to a small town in Illinois following the war.  In the early 50's my father took a job with United Airlines in San Francisco.  We lived in San Bruno, California.  I attended grade school at Edgemont and Parkside schools and spent 4 great years at Capuchino high school.

At San Francisco State I reconnected with being "in touch" with the earth and graduated as one of the first grads in geology.  My graduate studies were formally connected with San Jose State but I did most of my work at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory on Monterey Bay.  During this period I also taught several classes in oceanography at San Jose State and the Marine Lab and did a short stint teaching at Monterey Peninsula College.

Since 1971 I have been a member of the College of Marin's Life and Earth Sciences and Social Sciences Departments.  I teach introductory courses in Oceanography, Geology and Physical Geography when I am not exploring how to use the Internet more effectively in my courses.

I am a Past President of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, having served as with the state-wide Senate for several years and as President for two years. One of my personal efforts during my years with the Academic Senate was the development of Senate and system-wide governance telecommunications.

With an abiding interest in the historical geology of Central California, especially Marin County's Franciscan rocks and the Point Reyes Salinian rocks, one might notice the geology resources on my home page and in our continually developing "To See A World Project".  I am particularly excited about this project since it seems to embody all the potentials of being an on-line, living resource to the Internet community and ultimately like education itself, continually changing and malleable according to new observations and reinterpretations of how our world works.

After receiving my Master's degree studying the muds and "bugs" (forminifera) of the estuarine, San Pablo Bay portion of San Francisco Bay, I continue to have interest in the bay's natural history and associated politics.

I continue to pursuing the inclusion of technology into my classroom, contemplating the future of education and marveling in the fact that I am having the opportunity to experience this incredible revolution. Of course I am doing all this contemplation while sitting in my hot tub and having my body caressed with peacock feathers here in Marin. For this 60's kind of guy, I can still rejoice in the fact that the Internet developed from a defense department initiative related to survival in a nuclear war but see the potentials, if we can keep it from being elitist, for, perhaps, the ultimate democratization of our planet.

I have two grown children: Stephen, seen here in the Grand Canyon with the Vishnu Schist and Zoraster Granite behind him, is a major partner in a multimedia graphics design company. Stacey received her teaching credential from Hayward State and teaches in Livermore, California....a chip off the old block. I am a definitely blessed grandpa with two wonderful boys (via Stacey and her husband Craig) and a charming young lady who really likes pink (via Stephen and his wife Kim)!

 And then there's Keeper who was keeping her eye on Franklin.

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