Corte Madera Creek High Tide Periods
2007-2008 Rain Season
Intended for general information only.

These predictions are corrected for Corte Madera Creek
Estimates are in feet measured from to Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW) 
Times for other locations in Marin can be found here.
Important Notes

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Current tide prediction for the Golden Gate
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When flooding may be potential in the
lower portions of the campus area adjacent to Corte Madera Creek
if there is significant rainfall prior to the high tide

From experience, flooding in the Kentfield campus area is more likely
to occur if heavy rainfall occurs 2-3 hours before the time of high tide.

Daily rain and the hourly rate changes are available from
the College of Marin's AWS weather station.

For other Marin sites with corrected tidal data go to 

Go to the California map and choose San Francisco Bay or San Pablo Bay site listings
Sausalito, Point San Quentin, Point San Pedro, Gallinas Creek have corrected data.