F 5.6.2 (a)


Marin Community College District




(UPM/AFT Unit Members Only)



This application form must be submitted to the Sabbatical Leave Committee by October 15 of the year preceding the fiscal year in which the sabbatical leave will be taken.  Article 5.6 of the CONTRACT between THE MARIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT and the UNITED PROFESSORS OF MARIN/AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS LOCAL 1610, July 1, 2001 THROUGH June 30, 2004 should be consulted by the applicant prior to filling out this form.



1.  Name of applicant: ________________________________________________________________________________


2.  Period of leave requested (dates): ____________________________________________________________________


3.  Have you taken a District sabbatical leave before?       Yes           No.  If yes, when? ____________________


4.  Number of consecutive years of full-time service in the District since your last sabbatical leave?  _________________

A year of full-time service equals:


A.  Any academic year the employee performs assigned duties which result in 100% of paid compensation authorized on the approved salary schedule.


B.  Any academic year the employee is granted a reduced load of 60% or more in compliance with Article 8.15 and is authorized to receive full fringe benefits.


C.  Any academic year for eligible employees on reduced loads below 60% of paid compensation authorized on the approved salary schedule shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis (e.g., 50% load = 1/2 year service credit).



5.  Purpose(s) of Leave:              Formal study,              Independent study,              Travel, including study or



6.  Please attach a complete description of your intended leave program, including sufficient detail for evaluation and comparison with other applications.  State also the manner in which your proposed program will benefit the District.


7.  Should I be awarded a sabbatical leave, I agree to render two full years, or its equivalent within four (4) semesters, of service to the District following the termination of leave; to post the required bond; and to file a report of the results of the leave to the Sabbatical Leave Committee.


8.  Banked unit(s)?      Yes              No


If yes - number:     1.5 units (Half Year Leave)


                             10.5 units (Full Year Leave)






Signature of applicant                                                                             Date