***Technology Commitee ***

***Sept 28, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Susan Andrien, Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Andy Haber, Andrea Hunter, Rick Sapanaro, Felix Sargent, Ingrid Schreck, Jessica Sutter


Guests: Bernie Blackman, Director Organizational Development





  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes Review/Approve
  3. COM website access
  4. Media Services Report
  5. Goals and Committee Structure
  6. Review of Goals/Action Items



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting, Sept 14, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes from May 18 and Aug 31 were approved.




COM Website Access

Content owners should be responsible for checking web pages in their area. 

Hector will ask marketing to make campus-wide announcements prior to a new semester to remind people to review respective webpages that may require time-sensitive changes.

One way to edit webpages is to email Hector with information using established instructions.

A second way to edit webpages is to manage content directly. This method will be ready by Thanksgiving possibly.

A third way to edit webpages is direct access to faculty pages.  This option is on hold; the status quo will be maintained but no new folders will be developed.


Media Services Report

Susan Andrien reports that security and training are issues.

Training in WebCT, PowerPoint are priorities.

Securing locations and establishing online inventory are priorities as well.

Rick states that Tech Stream can be used in Media Services. 


Goals and Committee Structure

·         Computer upgrade and rollover plan:

A campus wide plan is sorely needed, one that includes tiers and minimum standards, and Steve explains what this would entail and what problems ought to be considered.

Rick will prepare an executive summary of a rollover plan for Cabinet Monday, October 2.

·         Policy development:

Committee discusses policy v. procedure.

Susan, Andy, and Felix will work on policy development—an acceptable use policy for students.

·         @One Institute:

COM is hosting @One WebCT training, a unique opportunity.  Faculty can take advantage of this training.

·         Study of faculty use of digital resources sponsored by National Science Foundation:

Committee discusses whether or not COM wants to participate in this study.  If a purpose for the study can benefit COM in some way, then COM ought to participate. 

Bernie and Susan will consider how this study can best be utilized.

·         Workgroup establishment:

Committee discusses what workgroups need to be established. 

Frank expresses concern that modernization plan needs to consider faculty needs.

Rick states that new infrastructure will support faculty needs.

Bernie and Rick will investigate how the modernization can meet faculty needs and a workgroup ought to be established, one that works with Anita, the Chair Counsel, and the Dean (?).

Win states that a workgroup should be established for the purpose of sharing and exploring instructional technology.





Review of Goals/Action Items

Action Items:  

Hector will talk to marketing about regular campus wide announcements for website updates.

Susan, Andy, and Felix will work on policy development.

Bernie and Susan will consider digital resource study.

Bernie and Rick will investigate modernization infrastructure.





Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Rollover Plan

Policy Development

Workgroup Formation