***Technology Commitee ***

***Sept 14, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Victoria Coade, Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Andy Haber, Andrea Hunter, Rick Sapanaro, Felix Sargent, Ingrid Schreck


Guests: Susan Andrien, Director, Learning Resources, Bernie Blackman, Director Organizational Development





  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes Review/Approve
  3. COM website access
  4. Bernie Reports
  5. Goals and Committee Structure
  6. Review of Goals/Action Items



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting, Aug 31, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes from May 18 and Aug 31 were approved.




COM Website Access (for revisions and additions)

Rick reported that Hector and Burton are working on opening up WebDev.

Rick reported on problems with a server in IT, stating that they are planning to form a small work group to pilot the use of Contribute using WebDev.


Bernie Reports on TracDat

Trac Dat is a third party partner of Banner which can help with COM planning, implementation and evaluation.

TracDat can help with a major WASC accreditation recommendation, linking budget to planning and evaluation.

TracDat will present to Cabinet and invitees on Monday 9/17 for Q and A.


Goals and Committee Structure

Review of Technology Work Plan:

The Committee reviewed the May 06 Technology Work Plan and found that many activities have been implemented or are underway.  The Student Portal on the Web, for example, is completed.


Ingrid discussed Activity 3 of the Technology Work Plan which pertains to student access to information on the COM website:  Department pages and faculty pages need to be linked more effectively.


Committee members discussed Wireless access, Activity 8 of the Technology Work Plan.


Student rep. Felix expressed concern about the need for campus-wide wireless use and the need for policy.





Review of Goals/Action Items

Action Items:  


Hector will prepare a timeline for use the WebDev.

Committee members (to be decided?) will help Rick craft campus-wide email regarding technology changes.

Felix will work on policy for the next meeting.

Win will send out revised meeting date schedule: 2nd and 4th Thu of every month.




Agenda Items for Next Meeting

Development of technology policy such as wireless and student use

@One WebCT training

Formation of committee workgroups


Transformation of Media Services Dept. (Activity 4 of May 06 Technology Work Plan)