***Technology Commitee ***

***August 31, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Andy Haber, Andrea Hunter, Rick Sapanaro, Ingrid Schreck


Guests: Susan Andrien, Coordinator, Learning Resources, Bernie Blackman, Director Organizational Development, Hector Seguel-Rivas, Sr. Creative Designer, Hoa-Long Tam, ASCOM President





  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes Review/Approve
  3. COM website access
  4. Committee Structure—goals and work group possibilities
  5. Rick Reports
  6. Review of Goals/Action Items



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting, Aug 31, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes were not approved.




COM Website Access (for revisions and additions)

Faculty has access on campus to WebDev, which gives them ability to create content on the Web.

Hector is currently responsible for all website edits and adds; Hector refreshes the website one time per week so there is a one week delay for changes to be implemented.

Hector proposes that individual programs begin piloting Contribute, a user-friendly html editor program. The program is available for free for 30 days, but may cost up to $179 for one license.

Hector points out that it will be quicker for individual areas to purchase Contribute than if the program is sought campus wide.

Hector and Rick envision web access by area in the future but at the current time security issues prevent access.

Hector will bring a timeline next time to illustrate the phases of giving employees web access.




Committee Structure

Faculty representatives are needed and this will be addressed through the Senate.

Work groups should be decided once goals are established.

Student Domain: Steve said that one goal should be to work on the student domain and to streamline student use of computers in various labs. Discussion ensued about the student domain and the Banner implementation, which currently takes up 50% of IT time.

Policy:  Policy on Student Use of Technology in classrooms and labs needs to be developed.

WebCT and other CMS:  The new WebCT (version 6 CE) is running thanks to Steve. Training is needed. Steve pointed out that faculty should take advantage of online @One training which is currently being hosted by COM. Online training materials are vast and helpful.

Frank and Rick discussed CMS other than WebCT, pointing out that they are viable and should be explored.  Angel, a CMS developed by the University of Indiana in 1995, is something consider for example.

ERP (BANNER) Implementation:

Rick reported that Sept. 12 is the Banner kick off day and teams and team leaders have been formed.  As well, a Project Definition has been drafted.

Ingrid requested that the Tech Committee be kept informed of the Banner implementation.

Technology Plan Status:

Susan inquired about the Tech Plan and what has been implemented.

Rick Reports

Rick demonstrated Tech Stream, a new web-based program in IT for all employees to use, which will streamline work orders.

Susan wanted to know if the same program could be used for Media Services requests.



Review of Goals/Action Items

Action Items:  

Hector will email committee members about Contribute.

                  Rick will bring a draft of the Banner Project Definition.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting—Fall 2006

Discuss plan of action for this semester’s goals.