***Technology Commitee ***

***May 18, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Victoria Coad, Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Harriet Eskildsen, Andy Haber, John Hinds, Andrea Hunter, Patrick Kelly, Ingrid Schreck, Rainer Wachlovosky,


Guests: Bernie Blackman, Director Organizational Development, Tom Holub, Instructor, Judy Hurley, Transitions, David Kirn, Transitions, Hector Seguel-Rivas, Sr. Creative Designer, Cathy Summa-Wolfe, Director of Communications and Community Relations




  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes Review/Approve
  3. Hector Reports
  4. Recycling Plan
  5. Podcasting
  6. Posting Public Documents
  7. Implementation Process and Shared Governance
  8. Software Licenses and Training
  9. Learning Technology Policy
  10. Review of Committee Structure
  11. Review of Action Items



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting, May 18, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes from May 11, 2006 were approved.





Hector Reports

Faculty have access on campus to WebDev, which gives them ability to create content on the Web.

Faculty may use FTP from away from campus.

Recycling Plan

Judy Hurley and David Kirn report on disposal and recycling plan. The plan includes the following in the following order: 1) sale 2) donation 3) recycle 4) trash.

Concern about disposal of toxic waste was expressed and Transitions is currently looking at companies that dispose in an environmentally sound way.

One committee member expressed concern about whether the inventory completed by Transitions is accurate given the roll over currently taking place.

Another committee member recommends that CoM conduct a needs assessment and that Departments share their surplus equipment.

The Committee recommends that re-use in the College needs to be the first step in the plan and therefore a revision to the plan.

Judy and David report that communication and coordination is needed and the plan will continue through the summer. 



Guest Tom Holub presented information on new technology known as Podcasting and encouraged people to get on board.

John Hinds wondered if storage on Apple’s site was necessary since CoM can stream using its own server.


Posting Public Documents

Policy is under consideration and will go through the Shared Governance System. Kathleen Kirkpatrick and Bernie are working creating and distributing instructions about posting to Intranet Folders.


Implementation Process and Shared Governance

What is the governance process regarding implementation? What happens after the Tech Committee makes recommendations? Committee expressed concern about feedback loop--whether information flows down.


Learning Technlogy Policy

Steve reported on WebCT migration taking place over the summer and expressed a need for a development server.

Ingrid reported on WebCT mentorship EEIF proposal.

Concern was expressed about who makes technology decisions such as the decision to use WebCT. 

Development of Learning Technology Policy requires further discussion.


Review of Committee Structure

Conversaton postponed.



Meeting Wrap Up

·         Action Items: Ingrid will write FAQ’s about feedback loop.

·         Action Items: Committee will consider what taskgroups they would like to form.

·         Action Items: Committee will review and follow up on Action Items in subsequent meetings.





Agenda Items for Next Meeting—Fall 2006

Discussion of Learning Technology policy, Committee restructuring such as task groups to be formed