***Technology Commitee ***

***April 20, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Harriet Eskildsen, Andy Haber, John Hinds, Andrea Hunter, Patrick Kelly, Rick Sapanaro, Ingrid Schreck, Rainer Wachlovosky


Guests: Bernie Blackman, Director Organizational Development, Hector Seguel-Rivas, Sr. Creative Designer, Cathy Summa-Wolfe, Director of Communications and Community Relations



  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes Review/Approve
  3. Director of Marketing Visits
  4. Rick Reports
  5. Review of Action Items



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting, April 20, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes from March 30, 2006 were approved.



Cathy Summa-Wolfe Visits:

-Cathy Director of Communications and Community Relations and Hector Sr. Creative Designer are currently assessing the College Website and are asking for the help of the Tech Committee as well as student participation. Kathy and Hector need information on policy and structural needs in order to make improvements to the Website. 

-There was Committee-wide discussion of existing policy at other colleges.

-Cathy requests that the Tech Committee form a work group established to assess the College Website.

-If the Website has short term needs, Hector should be contacted.

-John Hinds reports that an internship was once in place for such a project and can recruit students of his -Summer 06 course to contribute to the workgroup.



Rick Reports: 

-Rick presented and distributed a plan for computer purchases and reallocation and the Committee discussed the plan.






Meeting Wrap Up

·         Action: John Hinds will find students who will particpate in Website workgroup.

·         Action: Ingrid will forward request to Anita Martinez that a districtwide plan, a long-term plan, is needed for computer recycling, bulk purchase and reallocation of technology equipment.

·         Action: John Hinds will give Anita notes about computer upgrading and recycling.



Agenda Items for Next Meeting—May 4

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