***Technology Commitee ***

***March 16, 2006***

Meeting Summary



Present:  Windee Cottle, Victoria Coad, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Harriet Eskildsen, Andy Haber, John Hinds, Andrea Hunter, Rick Sapanaro, Ingrid Schreck, Rainer Wachlovosky


Guest: Bernie Blackman, VP Organizational Development




  1. Agenda Review/Approve
  2. Minutes
  3. Online Program Discussion
  4. Steve Dodson Reports
  5. Procedures/Plan for acquiring department/faculty web sites
  6. Bernie Blackman’s Software Needs
  7. Meeting Wrap Up
  8. Agenda Items for Next Meeting



Meeting Summary


Approve Agenda

Agenda approved for today’s meeting March 16, 2006.


Approve Minutes

Minutes from March 2, 2006 were approved with corrections.



·         Online Program Discussion:  In order to self-host WebCT, should COM purchase a multipurpose server or a smaller server?  WebCT upgrade to 6.0 will require planning and the May deadline for conversion is fast approaching so further discussion is needed.

·         Steve Dodson Reports: The student domain server would enable departments and programs to access materials from any computer in any lab.  It also will make log in for students consistent and therefore more accessible. How can COM begin implementation of student domain server?

·         Procedures/Plan for Acquiring Department Websites: Rainer needs to be contacted if a Dept. wants a website or if there are changes an already existing website. There will be a one day turn around for Dept. website requests.

·         Bernie’s Software Needs: Software for COM budget and planning is needed.



Meeting Wrap Up

·         Action: Rick discuss server cost and needs with Anita Martinez, Rainer, and Steve.

·         Action: Steve will write up student domain server implementation plan including domain server’s purpose, cost and timeline and submit plan to Rainer who will add plan to project schedule.  Win and John will help Steve with writing of plan.

·         Action: Rick, Rainer, and Steve will discuss student domain server implementation.

·         Action: Ingrid will discuss procedure for Department websites with Kathy Summa-Wolfe and announce procedure on the Faculty ListServ and to Academic Senate.

·         Action:  Harriet will help Bernie find software for annual budget and planning.


Agenda Items for Next Meeting—March 30

·         Bernie will report on budget and planning.

·         Rick will report on bulk purchases and reallocation.

·         What is policy on computer recycling and disposal?