Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

11:00am – 12:30pm, February 2, 2006

Location:  HC 124


Members Present:  Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Steve Dodson, Chris Edmondson, Harriet Eskildsen, Andy Haber, John Hinds, Andrea Hunter, Patrick Kelly, Rick Sapanaro, Ingrid Schreck Chris Edmondson, Rainer Wachlovosky


Guest Members: Al Harrison, CoM VP Operations, Harold George, Sr. Consultant, Strata Information Group


Members Absent:  Julie Driscoll, Patrick Kelly, Victoria Coad


Agenda Discussion Items


Harold George reports on the ERP. Key points are listed here:



John Hinds reports on IT Standards for Measure C Modernization:


Rainer reports on Online Employee Directory:



Rainer will present the Employee Directory at the next Chair meeting.

Rainer will send a global email announcing new Employee Directory.





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