Technology Committee Meeting Minutes

11:00am – 12:30pm, October 27, 2005

Location:  HC 124


Members Present:  Windee Cottle, Frank Crosby, Victoria Coad, Steve Dodson, Harriet Eskildsen, Andy Haber, Andrea Hunter, Patrick Kelly, Jeff Peck (in Rainer’s place), Rick Sapanaro, Ingrid Schreck

Members Absent:  Julie Driscoll, Chris Edmondson, John Hinds


Agenda Discussion Items


1) Committee Goals/Timeline

Goal 1: assessing and developing faculty tech support and training.

Discussed grant proposals recently submitted as well as categories for funding.

Discussed need for standardized training and a Technical Support Center.

Goal 11A: assessing campus-wide tech support needs and developing self-service applications for faculty.

Discussed progress of web template.


2) Web Pages

This item will be tabled until Nov. 10 meeting when members can “show and tell.”


3) ERP Update

            Debriefing of ERP systems will take place on November 10th.

            Discussed differences between sytems.



4) WebCT Merger

            Discussed possible alternatives.

June 30th is the date by which we need to renew the WebCT license.



            The new URL for the College may be implemented in Spring 06.



6) Access Taskforce

Frank Crosby is on the Access Taskforce for the Educational Master Plan and will share new information.


7)Tech Sub-committees

            Committees will show and tell at the Nov. 10 meeting.


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