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Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC)

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Tutoring Schedule Spring 2015

We are offering free drop-in tutoring in many subjects. If you are interested in tutoring, please complete an application online in your MyCOM Portal (Student Tab), or in person in LC 160 on the Kentfield campus, and at the Study & Career Center at IVC. Math tutoring will begin the week of January 26th. Tutoring for all the other subjects will begin shortly after.

subject Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday PEER tutor
American Sign Language 101           Christie
American Sign Language 102           Christie
Anthropology 101           Geoffrey
Anthropology 102           Jonathan
Astronomy           Semiiar
Behavioral Science 103           Steve
Biology 100            
Biology 110    


    Quinn, Ben, Jay
Biology 112A           Jay
Biology 112C            
Biology 120           Alexandra & Sandy
Biology 224           Alexandra
Biology 240           Alexandra, Michelle
Business 101    


    Alexey, Steve
Business 112            
Business 113            
Chemistry 110           Sarah & Alexandra
Chemistry 114  




  Michael & Emily
Chemistry 131    


    Greg & Mitchell
Chemistry 132           Michelle & Alex
Chemistry 231           Jay
Chinese 101           Julian
CIS/BOS           Lance
CIS 101            
Computer Science 130           Jason
Computer Science 135            
Economics 101           Alexey
Economics 102           Alexey
English as Second Language credit            
English as Second Language non-credit          



Fire Technician 112 & 215

At IVC, Bldg. 27, Student Activities Room

French 101           Christie & Jonathan
French 102           Christie & Jonathan
Geography 101           Brande
Geography 102           Sandy
History 101           Jonathan
History 117           Geoffrey
Italian 101           Carlo
Italian 102           Carlo
Italian 203/204           Carlo
Japanese 101           Miho
Japanese 102           Miho
Japanese 203           Miho
Mathematics (All Levels)           Ben, Daniel, Greg, Jason, Luis, Max, Mo, Mikey, Mitchell, Quinn,Teresa, Thomas

Medical Assisting (all Levels)

At IVC, Bdlg. 27, Room 213


Medical Assisting 164

At IVC, Bldg. 27, Room 125

Music (all levels)           Vicki
Philosophy 110            
Physics 108A           Paulina
Physics 110           Paulina
Physics 207A           Paulina
Political Science 100           Julian
Political Science 101           Jeremie
Political Science 103           Jeremie
Psychology 110           Ildi
Sociology 110           Ildi
Spanish 101           Carlo, Nura, Christie
Spanish 102           Christie
Spanish 203           Angela
Spanish 204           Carlo
Spanish 225           Angela
Speech 110           Ato
Speech 120/122/128           Ato
Statistics           Ben, Mo


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Technical Contact: Oksana Pensabene, 415-485-9620