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ASCOM: Associated Students College of Marin
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Mission Statement

The Associated Students of College of Marin are committed to:

  • Representing students to the college, to the community, and to the legislative bodies
  • Serving as role models while protecting and advancing the rights and interests of students
  • Encouraging education, leadership, and participation in democratic processes
  • Providing information and activities that positively influence campus life, while welcoming diversity and encouraging scholastic success.

To run for Student Government board positions please complete: Election Packet 2016, ASCOM Board Position Descriptions 2016, return to the Student Activites & Advocacy Office (SAA), Student Services Bldg., room 241, for questions call: 415.485.9376.

The Associated Students of College of Marin (ASCOM) Spring 2016 meetings are held every Monday, 8:00am-10:30am, in the ASCOM workroom, Student Services Bldg. room 241.


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Board members 2015-2016  
President Patrick McBurnie-Nicolay
Vice President Nicolas Jones
Treasurer Rebekah Ahn
Secretary Tim Clay
Director of Student Activities, Kentfield Campus
Director of Student Activities, Indian Valley Campus Irving Alatriste
Director of Student Services Martin Birminghham
Director of Public Relations Kexin Jin
Director of Technology Kana Goto
Student Trustee Oldhina Alatriste
State Student Senate Representative Diana Valdes
Emeritus Representative Kevin Colgate

Director of Student Activities & Advocacy Office (SAA) Sadika Sulaiman Hara

Administrative Support  
Administrative Assistant, Student Activities & Advocacy Office (SAA) Vickie Lamke

Governance Committees

Develop Communications

  • Understand the President's goals.
  • Develop model of communication between Student Bodies (ASCOM, ESCOM)

Increase Student Involvement

  • Motivate Participation in Student Activities/Campus Events

Student Services Review

  • Review Bookstore and Text Buying Policy.
Governance Committee Representatives
College Council

Martin Birmingham

Nick Jones

Governance Review Council Stephen Dargie
Educational Planning Committee Vacant
Technology Planning Committee Paul Tejedas
Professional Development Committee Vacant
Facilities Planning Committee Vacant
Instructional Equipment Committee Vacant
Planning and Resource Allocation Committee Stephen Dargie
Student Access and Success Committee Vacant
Other Committees
Academic Standards Committee

1 Vacancy

Curriculum Committee

1 Vacancy

District Modernization Committee

1 Vacancy

To join a committee or receive more information, contact Martin Birmingham at 

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Shared Governance System

Stuent Governance System



We hope that during your time at College of Marin you will get involved with student clubs and associations. Your involvement can help you reinforce what you learn in class. Several of the many benefits of involvement are listed below:

  • Make new friends 
  • Develop and enhance new skills and abilities 
  • Work as part of a team 
  • Learn to set and achieve goals 
  • Share your time and talents 
  • Have fun! 

As you grow at the College of Marin, you will discover that the more involved you become, the more you will benefit from your college experience. Student learning is not a spectator sport; you must participate to benefit. Enhance your education by becoming involved. 

Clubs do not restrict membership based on race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, sexual preference, medical condition, status as a Vietnam era veteran, age, marital status, or disability. Reasonable accommodations are made for students with disabilities.

Club Listing 

  • Alpha Gamma Sigma: Promotes scholarships for qualifying students and encourages community involvement, qualified membership will be noted on official transcript.
  • Phi Theta Kappa: Promotes scholarships for qualifying students, qualified membership will be noted on official transcript.

Arts & Entertainment 

  • Club Metals: Allows students to work between classes to raise money, share ideas, and bring in guest lecturers. 
  • Club Mud: Promotes the advancement of skills and appreciation of the art of ceramics.
  • Cheerleading Club: Promotes schools spirit and performance.
  • Dancer's Guild: Helps raise funds for the dance department and assists with dance concerts, the center, and special projects. 
  • Drama Club: Promotes participation in activities that enrich student's understanding and appreciation of the theater experience. 
  • Inky Fingers: Promotes the discipline of print making. 
  • Life Drawing and Sculpture: Gives the students an opportunity to draw and sculpt life models for extended poses.
  • Sculpture Club: Provides a means for students to purchase sculpture tools and materials. 
  • Student Art Association: Provides a means for students to purchase small quantities of bronze and ceramic shell for cast bronze art. 


  • Black Student Union: Provides an opportunity for African ancestry students and their supporters to identify, articulate, and implement activities and programs that advance the interests of African ancestry students and the campus community. 
  • International Society Club: Gives students the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain awareness about other cultures and their values by supporting diversity and social activities. 
  • Latino Student Union: Provides an opportunity for Latino students and their supporters to identify, articulate, and implement activities and programs that advance the interests of Latino students and the campus community. 
  • Christian Club: To promote the knowledge of the truth of the bible among the students at COM.


  • Accessibility Rights Club: Raise awareness of accessibility issues on campus and in our community.


  • Environmental Action Club: Works to increase the environmental awareness of IVC and COM students and manages the recycling program. 
  • Sustainability Club: Promotes and improves the Environmental Landscape Program at the College of Marin. 

Gender Interests 

  • Rainbow Alliance: Promotes communication, understanding, and acceptance among people of different gender and orientation. 


  • Dental Assisting: Raises funds for the Dental Assisting Program through various activities.
  • Student Nurses Association: Promotes recruitment and participation in community affairs and donation of time towards community health care.

Journalism & Publications 

  • COMET (College of Marin Echo Times Newspaper): Promotes Echo Times special projects. 

Political & Social Action 

  • Students 4 Social Justice: An inclusive, democratic organization of COM students that promotes progressive change through economic, environmental, and social justice. 
  • The Model UN Club:To create awarness and generate dialogue within our community about the mission and activities of the United Nations.

Professional & Workforce Development

  • Computer Science Club: Sponsors camaraderie among CIS students, promotes CIS as a career choice, and grants awards to CIS students. 
  • Association of Peer Tutors: To create community among students, tutors and the Tutoring Center.
  • Engineers Society: Designs and builds projects as a team and expand student's interest and creativity. 
  • Literary Magazine Club/Looking Glass Quarterly: Collect and publish creative works from COM students and faculty.
  • Programming Club:To offer an environment for getting help with programming, teaching programing and working on projects collaboratively.
  • Puente Club:Increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students who enroll in four year colleges and universities.
  • IVC Car Club/Auto Body Club: Provides "live car" repair experience for the auto tech students. 
  • 10,000 Degrees COM Cohort: Provide peer support to all the 10kd students at COM.
  • Transfer Club:Promote awareness of the Transfer Program among COM students .
  • Veterans Association Club: To support veterans by connecting them to resources, creating a community and helping them transition into college life.

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