From:                                         Becky Reetz

Sent:                                           Monday, October 24, 2011 5:15 PM

To:                                               Anna Pilloton; Arnulfo Cedillo; Becky Reetz; Beth Root; Bob Balestreri; Chialin Hsieh; Chris Schultz; David Cook; Dee Fraites; Greta Siegel; Janice Austin; June Lee; Letta Hlavachek; Lyda Beardsley; Rhonda Jones; Theo Fung

Cc:                                               Barbara David; Ken Meier

Subject:                                     Next Student Services SLO Meeting

Attachments:                          SS SLO Agenda 11_18_11.doc


Importance:                            High


Hi all,


I hope this email finds you all in good shape with your SLO assessments. By now, hopefully every department has either completed their survey and/or other assessment. If not, you should be in the process of it now. All SLO assessments must be completed by the end of this semester so we can analyze the data in the spring, and make program changes.


I would like to propose that our next meeting be on Friday November, 18th from 1:00-3:00pm.  In this meeting, we will check out the new online survey forms, discuss program review, and give individual reports on our progress.


Chialin and I will also be ready to give you all a brief report on how the WASC visit went. We are scheduled to meet with them for a half hour next Monday to discuss our Student Services SLOs.


Please RSVP to me by Monday, November 14th at the latest.


Thanks, Becky


Becky Reetz

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