From:                                         Becky Reetz

Sent:                                           Thursday, April 21, 2011 7:00 PM

To:                                               Anna Pilloton; Arnulfo Cedillo; Becky Reetz; Bob Balestreri; Chris Schultz; David Cook; Dee Fraites; Emy Bagtas; Greta Siegel; Janice Austin; June Lee; Letta Hlavachek; Lyda Beardsley; Chialin Hsieh

Cc:                                               Angelina Duarte

Subject:                                     Meeting Next Week

Attachments:                          Student Services SLO Assessment Phase II Plan.doc


Importance:                            High


Hi all,


I know we are a large group so it will be challenging to find a time that works for all of us, but I would like to meet next week.


We have some time-sensitive work that we need to do, in order to get our plan approved by the Academic Senate and the Vice President before the end of the semester, and address the  WASC recommendations.


I have attached a plan regarding Phase II of this project. Please take a moment and read it, as it will hopefully get your juices flowing and make our meeting more productive.


The main goals of a meeting next week are:

1.    Discuss the overview of the project

2.    Come to consensus on 4 division-wide SLO’s

3.    Set up individual meeting times and/or establish communication plan to develop and/or refine department level SLO’s.


What you can do to prepare for the meeting:

1.    Read the attached document

2.    Start thinking about division-wide SLO’s that you feel would apply to our entire division (see examples in the attachment)

3.    Review the SLO’s you included in your 2008 program review (let me know if you need a copy)

4.    Talk to colleagues in your area about what important skills you are teaching students in your specific department.

5.    Bring your calendar.


I would like to propose that we meet either Tuesday morning at 10am or Thursday morning at 11:30am. Please respond to me directly with which time (or if both) works for you. 

I apologize for the short notice, and I realize that not everyone will be able make the meeting. However, my hope is that several of us will be able to attend, and we can reach “electronic consensus” on our division-wide SLO’s by the end of next week.


Thanks, Becky


Becky Reetz


Tutoring and Learning Center Coordinator

College of Marin

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