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Technology Planning Committee
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Technology Planning Committee (TPC)

Agenda and Meeting Minutes


The Technology Committee operates as a subcommittee of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee to assure staff and faculty involvement in technology planning and provide guidance for major technological decisions. The Committee will make recommendations to the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee regarding technology-related issues and will be responsible for the following:


  • Provide oversight for the development, implementation, and updating of an integrated Technology Plan.
  • Review and develop technology-related policies for the District.
  • Make specific recommendations to the superintendent/president on the use of technology throughout the District with regard to both ongoing activities and future direction.
  • Inform the College community in advances and opportunities in technology to support teaching and learning.
  • Disseminate information about the current activities and future plans in each of the technology areas (Infrastructure, Information Systems, Instructional, and Student Services).
  • Maintain a comprehensive overview of the entire technological effort in the District.
  • Assess and develop policy on matters such as intellectual property rights, appropriate use of technology, and standards.
  • Establish appropriate timelines to complete tasks and make recommendations.
  • Make recommendations for the purchase of equipment to support instruction and student areas to the Instructional Equipment Committee and other appropriate groups.


Eight (8) faculty appointed by the Academic Senate, preferably from the following areas:

  • Transfer Programs
  • Workforce Development/Career Programs
  • Basic Skills/ESL
  • Lifelong Learning Programs
  • Library
  • Technical Discipline
  • Online Instruction
  • Counseling/DSPS


Three (3) classified staff appointed by the official classifed staff appointing body.

Two (2) students appointed from the Student Senate

Two (2) managers appointed by the superintendent/president

The Chair or Co-Chairs will be elected from the group.

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Technology Plan 2012-2017 


2013 – 2014

Shook Chung Classified Professionals
Frank Crosby Faculty
Jonathan Eldridge Administration
John Hinds Faculty
Mike Irvine Classified Professionals - Chair
Sara McKinnon Faculty
Greg Nelson Administration
Steven Newton Faculty
Kofi Opong Mensah Faculty
David Patterson Faculty
Mary Sage Classified Professionals 
John Ware Students

Meeting Schedule

TPC meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of the month when classes are in session. Check the Governance Meetings Calendar to confirm room location and current meeting dates and times.

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Materials


Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Supporting Materials/Accreditation Evidence
9-26-2013 TPC Agenda 13-9-26  

Updates- Email to IT


9-12-2013 TPC Agenda 13-9-12 TPC_Minutes 13-9-12

Infrastructure Upgrades 2013

Project Charter - Network Upgrade and Wi-Fi Implementation (draft)

Project Charter - PC Upgrades (draft)

Project Charter - Server Upgrades (draft)

Project Charter - Voice Mail Replacement (draft)

5-9-2013 TPC Agenda 13-5-9 TPC_Minutes 13-5-9

College of Marin-AppleEquity 110484 Prop JaAd 5.8.2013

College of Marin-AppleTech FMV 110484 Prop JaAd 5.8.2013

4-25-2013 TPC Agenda 13-4-25 TPC_Minutes 13-4-25 Replacement and Standards 4-25-13
3-28-2013 TPC Agenda 13-3-28 TPC_Minutes 13-3-28  
3-14-2013 TPC Agenda 13-3-14 TPC_Minutes 13-3-14 Objective 9.2 - Technology Plan prioritized initiatives, no info
2-28-2013 TPC Agenda 13-2-28 TPC_Minutes 13-2-28  
2-14-2013 TPC Agenda 13-2-14 TPC_Minutes 13-2-14 ProposedDatabasePolicy
1-24-2013 TPC Agenda 13-1-24 TPC_Minutes 13-1-24 TECH PLAN PRIORITES DRAFT
12-13-2012 TPC Agenda 12-12-13 TPC_Minutes 12-12-13  
11-15-2012 TPC Agenda 12-11-15 TPC_Minutes 12-11-15  
10-25-2012 TPC Agenda 12-10-25 TPC_Minutes 12-10-25 President's Weekly Briefing October 18, 2012
10-11-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-10-11 TPC Minutes 2012-10-11

Software Advisory Group Meeting Minutes 10-3-2012 

Objective 9.2 - Technology Plan prioritized initiatives, no info.xlsx

9-27-2012 TPC Agenda 12-9-27 TPC_Minutes 12-9-27


Strategic Plan-2012-2015-09242012-draft



9-13-2012 TPC Agenda 12-9-13 TPC_Minutes 12-9-13  
5-10-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-5-10    
5-3-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-5-3   edited Marin-Police-Initiatives-02aml
4-26-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-4-26 TPC_Minutes 2012-4-26  
4-23-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-4-23 TPC_Minutes 2012-4-23  
4-19-2012 TPC Agend 2012-4-19    
4-16-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-4-16 TPC Minutes 2012-4-16  
4-5-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-4-5 TPC_Minutes 2012-4-5  
4-2-12 TPC sub-group TPC_Minutes 2012-4-2  
3-29-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-29  

TechPlan Fac/Staff Survey

TechPlan Fac/Staff Survey_Report 1

TechPlan Fac/Staff Survey_Comment Report 1

TechPlan_Studen Survey

TechPlan_Student_Survey Report

TechPlan_Student_Survey Comment Report

3-27-2012 TPC Agenda 2012-3-27 TPC_Minutes_12-3-27  
3-26-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-26 TPC_Minutes_12-3-26  
3-22-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-22 TPC_Minutes_12-3-22  
3-15-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-15 TPC_Minutes12-3-15  
3-8-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-8 TPC_Minutes12-3-8 Ann-Marie WTC  
3-5-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-5 TPC_Minutes12-3-5 Ann-Marie WTC








3-1-2012 TPC Agenda 12-3-1 TPC_Minutes12-3-1WTC  
2-23-12 TPC Agenda 12-2-23 TPC_Minutes 12-2-23 WTC



Saddleback TechnologyPlan_Final_1_2012

IVC Technology Plan 2010-2015

Tech plan Comparison Chart - Organization 2-23-12 Sheet1

2-16-12 TPC Agenda 12-2-16%5B1%5D TPC_Minutes 12-2-16 WTC

TPC notes on Tech Plan SI 5-23-11

2-9-2012 TPC Agenda 12-2-9 TPC_Minutes 12-2-9 WTC  
2-2-2012 TPC Agenda 12-2-2 TPC_Minutes_12-2-2

Technology Plan 2010-2016 - with notes

TPC notes on Tech Plan SI 2-2-11



Additional References

Previous meeting minutes and agendas

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