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Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC)
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The Planning and Resource Allocation Committee provides oversight and makes recommendations for institutional planning and resource allocation, linking program reviews and strategic planning to the resources needed to accomplish college goals.  The committee reviews all plans and recommendations made by participatory governance committees and ensures their compliance with board policy and planning priorities.

Agenda and Meeting Minutes


  • Ensures that the college’s planning process supports student success.
  • Aligns Board goals and priorities with college plans and the budget process.
  • Ensures that the planning process is broad-based, offers opportunities for input by appropriate constituencies, allocates necessary resources, and leads to improvement of institutional effectiveness.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for the tentative budget for resources including all assets of the college: its fiscal resources, facilities, equipment, and personnel resources.
  • Prepares planning recommendations and decisions consistent with the Education Code, the mission, vision and values of the college, accreditation standards and strategic institutional planning priorities.
  • Using the forecast of available resources provided by Fiscal Services, works with the Program Review Committee to set parameters for program reviews and administrative work plans.
  • Recommends budget resource allocations based upon the strategic plan and requests presented in the instructional program reviews, student services reviews, and administrative program reviews.
  • Makes recommendations for long-term budget planning, revenue and expense assumptions.
  • Recommends allocations from supplementary resources.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for adjustments between approved funding and actual expenditures.


  • The Planning and Resource Allocation Committee is responsible for:

    • Establishing appropriate timelines and processes, assessing success after the plans are implemented and reporting the activities and results.
    • Following the timeline and processes described in the Integrated Planning Manual for the review of programs and the allocation of resources.
    • Reviewing all college plans and other related or pertinent documents and forwarding recommended changes to the president/superintendent.
    • Making recommendations for the tentative budget and forwarding the tentative budget to the superintendent/president.
    • Using documented assessment results to set funding priorities and recommend program improvements.
    • Providing oversight of the sub-committees and ad hoc committees of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee.
    • Analyzing the recommendations in the Educational Master Plan and setting the college’s long term priorities.
    • Providing oversight for the development of the Strategic Plan including strategic objectives and action steps for each college priority.
    • Providing oversight for instructional program reviews, student services reviews, and administrative unit reviews.
    • Forwarding committee reports and resolutions to the college Superintendent/President as recommendations and to College Council as information items.
    • Reviewing prior year budgets and developing budget assumptions that forecast the available resources for the coming fiscal year.


  • Seven (7) faculty appointed by the Academic Senate
  • Three (3) classified staff appointed by the official appointing body for classified staff
  • Two (2) students appointed by the Student Senate
  • Two (2) managers appointed by the Superintendent/President
  • The Vice President of Student Learning, who will serve as a non-voting co-chair except in the case of a tie
  • The President of the Academic Senate (or designee), who will serve as a non-voting co-chair except in the case of a tie
  • One (1) staff resource from Fiscal Services who is a non-voting member
  • One (1) staff resource from Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness who is a non-voting member

Co-chairs Responsibilities

  • The Vice President of Student Learning and the President of the Academic Senate will serve as co-chairs.
  • Co-chairs will work together to set agendas and conduct meetings.
  • Co-chairs will be non-voting except in the case of a tie vote by the committee in which case the co-chairs will have a total of one vote with which to break the tie.  If they cannot agree to vote together to break the tie with their one vote, they will refer the matter to the Superintendent/President.

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Ben Wilson Student
Yolanda Bellisimo Faculty
Becky Brown Faculty
Gina Cullen Faculty
Jason Dunn Faculty
Sarah Frye Faculty
Kathleen Smyth Faculty
Sheila Whitescarver Faculty
Gina Longo Classified Professionals
Paul Fanta Classified Professionals
Patrick Ekoue-totou Staff Resource
Peggy Isozaki Staff Resource
Christina Liemer Administration
Greg Nelson Administration
Nanda Schorske Staff Resource
Cari Torres Staff Resource
Jonathan Eldridge Administration, Co-Chair
Sara McKinnon Faculty, Co-Chair
Carol Scialli Staff Resource

Meeting Schedule

PRAC meets from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month during the fall semester, and every Tuesday during the spring semester; also meets as needed during the summer. Meetings will be posted on the Governance Meetings Calendar. Check committee chairs or staff resource to confirm room location, specific meeting dates and times.

Agendas, Minutes and Meeting Materials

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Additional Materials/Accreditation Evidence
9-9-14 Agenda Minutes

1. Facilities Planning Committee 2014 Program Review Tracking Sheet

2. Strategic Plan 2012-2015 Profess Report 2014

3. Student Access Data from Program Reviews


5-20-14 Agenda Minutes

1. PRAC Memo to DWC 5-22-14 FINAL

2. Funded PR requests - Court Reporting

5-13-14 Agenda Minutes



3. TechnologyPlanpriorityList 5-12-14

4. TAG Organizational Chart

5. TAG-SmartClassroom-draft1

6. AdobeDeviceLicensingOverview

7. NewAdobeDeviceLicensing



4-29-14 Agenda  


2. DRAFT - FY2014-2015 Fee Schedule for May BOT

3. Full-Time Faculty Hiring Recommendations - 4-28-14

4. Final Spring 2014 Turnitin Survey Results

04-22-14 Agenda Minutes

1. Software Advisory Group Meeting 4-9-2014

2. 2013 PR Software Requests Summary of Recommendations

04-08-14 Agenda Minutes 1. Request Summary for PRAC APRIL 8-2014
03-25-14 Agenda Minutes

1. 2013 PR Staffing Requests

2. 2013 PR Non Instructional Equipment with Library no Just

3. 2013 PR Library IE Requests - Supplies budgets


03-11-14 Agenda Minutes


2. PRAC Recommendations for Full Time Hires from 2013 PRs

02-11-14 Agenda Minutes  
01-28-14 Agenda Minutes  
12-10-13 Agenda Minutes  
11-12-13 Agenda Minutes  
10-22-13 Agenda Minutes

1. PRAC and Integrated Planning

2. PRAC Spring 2014 Schedule with Dates

10-08-13 Agenda Minutes

1. Purchasing Approval Matrix 2013

2. Recruitments 10-7-2013

09-24-13 Agenda Minutes  
09-10-13 Agenda Minutes  
08-27-13 Agenda Minutes  
07-31-13 Agenda Minutes 1. Recommendations for 2013-2014 Schedule Restoration Rev Sept 3-2013
07-09-13 Agenda Minutes 1. 2013-2014 Funded Requests DWC July 10-2013
05-21-13 Agenda Minutes

1. PRAC Response to Budget-LIBRARY

2. PRAC MUN funding outcomes 052113


4. Math Lab Tutoring Survey Results May 2013

5. Auto Revitalization Report May 12-2013

6. SAS PR Review 2013

7. Tutoring and Learning Report May 21-13

8. Final PRAC memo to president 5-22-2013

05-14-13 Agenda Minutes


2. Final Software Recommendations 2012-2013



05-07-13 Agenda Minutes



04-30-13 Agenda Minutes

1. 2012-2013 Staffing Requests summary


04-23-13 Agenda Minutes  
04-16-13 Agenda Minutes 1. PRAC memo to president re MO Plan APR 8-2013
04-02-13 Agenda Minutes 1. Replacement and Standards 4-25-13
03-26-13 Agenda Minutes  
03-12-13 Agenda Minutes  
02-26-13 Agenda Minutes  
02-19-13 Agenda Minutes  
02-12-13 Agenda Minutes

1. FTFAC FT Recs to PRAC 2-05-2013

2. Memo to President from PRAC re FT Req 2-12-13 PR

01-22-13 Agenda Minutes 1. Retirements-FT Requests
12-11-12 Agenda Minutes  
11-13-12 Agenda Minutes  
10-09-12 Agenda Minutes  
09-25-12 Agenda Minutes  
09-11-12 Agenda Minutes  
08-28-12 Agenda Minutes  
08-07-12 Agenda Minutes  
07-24-12 Agenda Minutes  
05-29-2012 Agenda Minutes  
05-22-2012 Agenda Minutes  
05-15-2012 Agenda Minutes  
05-08-2012 Agenda Minutes  
05-01-2012 Agenda Minutes  
04-24-2012 Agenda Minutes  
04-17-2012 AGENDA Minutes  
04-03-2012 AGENDA Minutes  
03-27-2012 Agenda Minutes  
03-13-2012 Agenda Minutes  
02-28-2012 Agenda Minutes  
02-14-2012 AGENDA Minutes  


12-13-2011 Agenda Minutes

1. Power point--Course Units Allocation
2. Waitlist for Fall 2011 (as of 8-16-2011)--English and Math
3. Waitlist for Spring 2012 (as of 12-12-2011)--English and Math
4. Course Retention--English and Math
5. Course Success --English and Math
6. Cohort Study--English
7. Cohort Study-- Math

11-22-2011 Agenda Minutes  
11-08-2011 Agenda Minutes  
10-25-2011 Agenda pdficon

1. MOU--Brueprint and Collegewide Master Schedule
2. Focus Group Results Analysis:
      Focus Group Plan (10-20-2011)
      Focus Group Results (10-21-2011)
        -Management Council
        -Student Services
        -Department Chairs
        -Academic Senate
        -Classified Staff
3. Governance in Action

10-11-2011 pdficon pdficon

1. ALO updates: ACCJC updates
2. SLO updates: Collegewide results
      - Problem Solving
      - Scientific Reasoning
      - Written Competency

9-27-2011 pdficon pdficon  
9-13-2011 pdficon pdficon

1. Planning for the development of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan (page 12)
2. Educational Planning Committee revised charge
3. Follow-Up Report 2011 for PRAC approval
4. Revised Integrated Planning Manual
5. Student Services SLO updates
6. Degrees/Certificates Awarded

8-23-2011 Agenda Minutes

1. Program Review Template Revision
      - Full Program Review Template
      - Mini Program Review Template
2. SLO Assessment Plan
3. Research Advisory Group (RAG) meeting and website
4. ACCJC Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness


Additional References

PRAC Archive

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