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College of Marin Prior Awards
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2012 Classified Senate Awards

Committee Members

This academic year, many Classified Professionals have stood up to help students and staff and contributed in ways above and beyond the requirements of their position.

We have daily opportunities to serve the college community informally, and some serve committees as subject matter experts or resource persons as part of functional requirements. In addition, at COM we have a healthy Participatory Governance system within which we fill our Governance Committees and Councils, Screening Committees, and ad hoc committees.

The members of the Classified Senate would like to take this opportunity to officially thank all of the Classified Professionals who have volunteered to commit their time formally, on a regular basis, to fill those positions.

Recognized for Serving in Participatory Governance are:

  • Keli Gaffney
  • Xenia Zarrehparvar
  • Thelma Kidd
  • Shook Chung
  • Nicole Cruz
  • Melinda Molloy
  • Kathleen Kirkpatrick
  • Ellen Shaw
  • Dodd Stange
  • Bob Chamberlain
  • Andrea Hunter
  • Barry Douglas
  • Barbara David
  • John Rodriguez
  • Kathy Joyner
  • Cathy White-Lambert
  • Don Flowers
  • Karen Van Kriedt
  • Dave Mitchell
  • Lupe Oropeza
  • Andy Haber
  • Jon Gudmundsson
  • Mike Irvine
  • Tom Burke
  • Anna Pilloton
  • Becky Reetz
  • Maridel Barr
  • Mary Sage

Recognized for Serving on Screening Committees:

  • Gina Longo
  • Kathy Takemoto
  • June Yokell
  • Vivian Olsen
  • Vickie Lamke
  • Steve Garrett
  • Dustin Ruiz
  • Claudette Muldowney
  • Kathy Joyner
  • Joan Rinaldi
  • Carol Perez
  • Jesse Jestadt
  • Patience James
  • Dianne Faw
  • Shannon Timpane
  • Maridel Barr
  • Shook Chung
  • Nicole Cruz
  • Dave Mahoney
  • Annie Ricuitti
  • Susan Beutler
  • Robin Jackson
  • Olga Borissova
  • Monica Rudolph
  • Mina Namvar
  • Melinda Molloy
  • Lee Deo
  • Laura Cooper
  • Kate Dodele
  • Kaitlyn Gallagher
  • JRobert Dobbson
  • Jon Gudmundsson
  • Dong Nguyen
  • Deidre Martinez
  • Becky Reetz
  • Anna Pilloton
  • Tom Hudgens
  • Andrea Hunter
  • Xenia Zarrehparvar
  • Miles Mayo
  • Bobby Bradford
  • Seanna Villarreal
  • Mary Galzagorry
  • Christelle Larre
  • Linda Hyland
  • Steve Berringer
  • Joe Scarcella
  • Diane Kukahiko
  • Heather Holliday
  • Don Flowers
  • Aaron Osheroff
  • MaryGale Beyer
  • Jeff Peck

Finally, we would like to specially thank our classified senate president, Andrea Hunter, on behalf of the college community.

Individual Awards - Classified Senate Appreciation Award

This year we have two classified professionals that will be receiving the award for outstanding individual. These employees were nominated because their work exemplifies superior quality. They are always willing to put in extra effort with a positive attitude. They are dependable, committed, and work well with others.

Shook Chung

The first recipient is someone who hit the ground running as soon as she started. She is always willing to jump in and go the extra mile—not just to get the job done, but to do it to the highest standards. Excerpts from her nomination talk about how she continually goes above and beyond her scope of work to accomplish tasks on-time or ahead of schedule; the fact that she is willing to make time to answer questions; and how the quality of her finished work is always outstanding. This award goes to Shook Chung.

Alice Dieli

The second recipient is someone who is described as being unfailingly helpful and knowledgeable regarding all things computer related. She is very involved with trying to facilitate and improve issues on campus. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk by joining committees where she can become part of the solution. A quote from her nomination reads, “She is dedicated, dependable, and committed to improving the quality of the educational experience for students and instructors at College of Marin. I am inspired by her positive, ‘get-it-done’ attitude and collaborative leadership style. This award goes to Alice Dieli.

Outstanding Department Award - Classified Senate Appreciation Award

P.E. Department

Our Outstanding Department award goes to a department that really comes together to create dynamic situations that provide opportunities for their students to become successful. They are one of the most collaborative and supportive departments on campus, always bringing their can-do attitude to everything they are involved with. This department has worked so hard to make available a variety of resources designed to ensure academic success, with things like a study hall, tutoring, life skills, and a grade and attendance check program. They have also extended their reach out into the community by having COM students volunteer at Kent Middle School to help organize and supervise activities as well as mentoring their students. This year’s outstanding department award goes to Athletics and PE.

Exceptional Service Award - Classified Senate Appreciation Award

Sara McKinnon, Faculty Member

This is the second year that the Classified Senate has awarded the Exceptional Service Award; it is awarded to a faculty member selected by the Classified Senate. Although it is always difficult to choose one individual out of so many who are so deserving, this person was in the forefront of our minds. This luncheon is not long enough for me to list all amazing feats this person accomplished in that last few years so I will just name a few:

This person is an officer in the Academic Senate, on the College Council, PRAC, the Education Planning Committee and the Technology Committee. She is the Program Review Facilitator and has also has provided leadership in the accreditation process, and program review. Know who I am talking about yet?

This list of accomplishments goes on, but for time sake I will just say - it gives me great pleasure to award the Exceptional Service award to Sara McKinnon.

Unsung Hero Award - Classified Senate Appreciation Award

Kate Dodele

Our Unsung Hero award goes to a dear colleague who will truly be missed. She was a person that personified what is considered to be the essence of "Student Service"—she was always there for the students, ready to go the extra mile, and track down the necessary information. She always made time to listen to a concern, respond to a request, or provide invaluable computer and software technical assistance. She patiently and good-naturedly listened to gripe sessions; and very often provided the kind of reassuring advice that would send the complainer off with a much-improved attitude. Those who knew her were fortunate; those who worked with her, even more so. The Unsung Hero award goes to Kate Dodele.

The senate was asked to read the following from our Counseling Department.

We are deeply saddened and still very much in shock to know our dear Kate will never be with us again.

She truly was our "unsung hero" who fought a bitter second battle with cancer to the end. She left us a legacy of well served students and beliefs and practices to follow.

Deep with compassion each day that far exceeded any others and giving of help, hope, and spirit beyond expectation.

If even one of these are practiced by us, her life on earth and in our presence would not have been in vain.

We miss her very much and thank you for acknowledging her in this way.

These awards were presented on May 22, 2012 at the Annual Recognition Luncheon.


2011 Classified Senate Awards

Individual Classified Staff Appreciation Award Nicole Cruz, Administrative assistant to the Director of Communications and Community Relations Department.

If you look up this person’s name in the staff directory and then look under philosophy you will see two words, It's do-able. That really says it all. This person is someone who gets things done. In the words of one of her nominators “She always goes extra lengths when assigned a project. She demonstrates initiative and strong effort for every project/task.” In addition to doing her own job, this person was also a valuable member of the Accreditation Self-Study Production Team and was said to have worked many extra hours to compile, edit and format our Accreditation Self-Study Report.

Unsung Hero Classified Staff Appreciation Award Juan Obregozo, Custodial Supervisor

This person has worked for the College of Marin for over twenty-one years, most of the time behind the scenes. He has an amazingly positive attitude and work ethic and steps in wherever and whenever needed. With a small crew, that is tasked with keeping both of our campuses clean, he is often called upon to help and many times at the last minute. We’ve all asked for something at the last minute and he helps willingly and with a smile on his face. He takes great pride in his work and in the College and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Department Classified Staff Appreciation Award Grounds Department

We are so fortunate to live in this very beautiful area of Northern California, thanks to this wonderful department we are also very fortunate to work on two very beautiful campuses. This department works diligently to keep our campuses beautiful. The Kentfield Campus, with views of Mount Tam, is greatly enhanced by an amazing showcase of unique and well cared for trees, plants, lawns and flowers. The Indian Valley Campus is also uniquely beautiful. Surrounded by trees in a natural setting, the grounds crew works hard to keep the lawns green and the weeds under control. Attention to fire control is an enormous undertaking at this campus and the crew works hard to keep the campus safe.

In the past the Classified Staff has honored other Classified Members for the Staff Appreciation awards. This year the Senate decided to honor someone outside the Classified Staff for their exceptional contribution to the college.

Exceptional Service Award Classified Senate Appreciation Award Yolanda Bellisimo, Faculty Member

Although it is always difficult to choose one individual out of so many who are so deserving, this person was in the forefront of our minds. This luncheon is not long enough for me to list all amazing feats this person accomplished in that last few years so I will name just a few:

This person has represented the Academic Senate on numerous governance committees, given presentations at State Academic Senate meetings, is largely responsible for the development of a Student Learning Outcomes process, provided leadership in participatory governance, program review, policies and procedures and a myriad of other areas affecting COM’s accreditation.

Awards were presented at the annual Faculty and Staff Luncheon in May.

2010 Classified Senate Awards

In spring 2010, the Senate formalized a process to recognize our outstanding classified staff on an annual basis. Based on the criteria of:

  • Quality of work
  • Extra effort
  • Positive attitude
  • Dependability
  • Collaboration and
  • Commitment

and the number of nominations received, the following individuals and departments were selected to be honored:

Outstanding Individual Award:
Aaron Osheroff, Database Administrator, Information Technology Department
“Despite seemingly insurmountable events in his life, Aaron continued to be helpful during his recovery and still provided service to the college. His dedication to his work/job/life are inspiring to me. He just has such spirit and commitment to “being here.” (Excerpts from Nomination Forms)

Unsung Hero Award:
Melody Creel, Information Technician, Office of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness
“Melody is the ‘go to’ person when you need institutional information. You name it and Melody will get it for you, no matter what it takes, no matter what’s on her plate. She works hard every day and makes a huge difference in the work of many, many college employees who depend on her statistical genius.” (Excerpts from Nomination Forms)

Outstanding Department:
Information Technology (I.T.)
“The Information Technology Department works tirelessly behind the scenes…they successfully guided us through the enormous undertaking of implementing the new Banner computer system. Despite being grossly understaffed, the I.T Department consistently provides good service while maintaining a positive attitude. They are always pleasant, friendly, willing to help and always professional. It is very hard to imagine doing our jobs without their support.” (Excerpts from Nomination Forms)

Awards were presented at the annual Faculty and Staff Luncheon in May.

2009 Golden Bell Awards

The Golden Bell Award is an annual event sponsored by the Marin County Office of Education to honor outstanding Marin County educators. In 2009 the award process included classified staff nominees from every school district in the county.

COM classified staff were asked to nominate staff they believed had made an outstanding contribution to the college community based on the following:

  • Extra Effort (Goes above and beyond what’s required)
  • Quality of Work
  • Consistently Positive Attitude
  • Always Dependable
  • Cooperation with Others
  • Outstanding Ideas

A selection committee composed of three former Senators reviewed the 15 nominations received and recommended that Becky Reetz and Kathleen Kirkpatrick have their names forwarded by the President's Office as the first College of Marin classified staff selected for the Golden Bell.

Click here to see excerpts from all those nominated for the Golden Bell Awards.

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