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Banner Queries

Below is a brief recap of steps to improve query results in Banner.  Following the steps outlined should optimize your search.

If you have additional questions, please call/email:             x8160        x8161


This query will return ALL Funds, ALL Accounts, and ALL Programs you have access to.

  • Enter 12 in the Fiscal period field.  This lets Banner query through period 12 of the fiscal year, i.e. June, ensuring that you will get the most recent data posted to the accounts.
  • Use the % wild card in the Fund field which in your query returns all funds you have access to.
  • Enter your Organization number.
  • Use the % wild card in the Program field which in your query returns all Programs in your department.


To pinpoint queries to specific accounts, such as Instructional Supplies for example,


Enter 43000  in the Account  field


To limit your query to direct expenditures only, that is to exclude Salary and Benefits information and only display Supplies, Other Operating Expenditures, and Equipment,

Enter 71 in the Account Type field




To query only your categorical accounts,

Enter 12 in the Fund Type field



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